Friday, September 08, 2006

...:::...for those of you who missed it, grigori perelman, a russian mathematician, was awarded the fields medal this past august for his work on the poincare conjecture, and declined to either accept the award, or appear publicly to make a statement. a few years prior to this, he was quoted as saying, "I do not think anything that I say can be of the slightest public interest. I am not saying that because I value my privacy, or that I am doing anything I want to hide. There are no top-secret projects going on here. I just believe the public has no interest in me."

the conjecture, proposed by henri poincare in 1904, has been the most famous open problem in topology (qualitative questions about geometrical structures). "Loosely speaking, the conjecture surmises that if a closed three-dimensional manifold is sufficiently like a sphere in that each loop in the manifold can be tightened to a point, then it is really just a three-dimensional sphere. The analogous result has been known to be true in higher dimensions for some time, however the case of three-manifolds has turned out to be the hardest of them all, roughly speaking because in topologically manipulating a three-manifold, there are too few dimensions to move "problematical regions" out of the way without interfering with something else."

perelman proposed a solution in 2002 by posting a series of eprints. over the course of the last four years, he has withdrawn from mathematics. "According to various sources, in the spring of 2003, Perelman suffered a bitter personal blow when the faculty of the Steklov Institute allegedly declined to re-elect him as a member, apparently in part out of continuing doubt over his claims regarding the geometrization conjecture. His friends are said to have stated that he currently finds mathematics a painful topic to discuss; some even say that he has abandoned mathematics entirely. According to a recent interview, Perelman is currently jobless, living with his mother in St Petersburg, and subsisting on her modest pension." to paraphrase my friend rich, if you were that smart, would you want to hang around a bunch of dummies? coincedentally, he also is a talented violinist and table tennis player. he is a wild looking and stylish man (notice the zip-up hoodie in his photo linked through wiki above). wolf-man. go listen to some music with all that space and math in mind...:::...

download: 060910-modyfier

paper – 75ml : jul 2006 on galaktika records
gabriel ananda – old cruncher : jul 2006 on glueckskind schallplat
grandadbob – hide me (al usher dance remix) : jul 2006 on southern fried records
bini & martini – stop (luca bacchetti 06 remix) : jul 2006 on ocean dark
arp aubert – actress feat jan gazarra (james dina4 remix) : jun 2006 on mirau musik
phresh n low – communicate (stranger remix) : jul 2006 on deep freeze recordings
max cavalerra – aura aero (pantha du prince remix) : aug 2006 on broque
phantom ghost – relax its only a ghost (pantha du prince version – blossomghost on murray street remix) : aug 2006 on ladomat 2000
phantom ghost – relax its only a ghost (carsten jost & efdemin version) : aug 2006 on ladomat 2000


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Blogger ForwardEver said...

Math is solving problems? It seems its created as many for those men. The Mathmen. Do they ever hug trees and appreciate the lack of right angles in nature? One would hope so for their sake. The Mathsmen. On another tangent, Germans seem to be pushing pop and sparkle on us, in the form of Luomo's new album (those drenched and dubbed vocals again) and Gui Boratto's new trance (with nods to Jam & Spoon)...and hopefully all spent a moment listening to silence (sound) this past Tuesday: John Cage's birthday.

10:26 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

mmmm. there is a continuous moment in silence called breath. i have heard it. happy birthday to mr. cage...i didn't know. and i love 'pop and sparkle'. i have experienced it myself.

5:19 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi modyfier
glad you enjoyed Berlin!!!
Poincare conjecture eh.

Unusual pose
on your new profile pic
Hope you are having fun.
laters ... Q

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Mike P said...

The Phantom/Ghost are like goth-minimal. Sounds like Soft Cell meets Theo Parrish - icy & oh so dramatic. Lovin it girl - thanks!

8:05 PM  
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