Monday, May 11, 2009


Fire is a 100% analogue track. I used only an old moog prodigy that I borrowed from my friend, Falko, and put a huge reverb on it. The sound became so massive through that and I was immediately addicted to its atmosphere. It has, for me, this kind of voodoo feeling. I could see dancers and a huge flames and it gave me also the feeling of the power of fire.

I tried to fall in it and bring some beats and little voices + fxs in (but only a bit so that this huge sound stands always out of it). Then I started to spin myself and I reached a point of total trance....We played this sound often as an intro for our gigs and the magic worked also in the clubs....Enjoy!


Blogger Jon said...

Fantastic sound. Was great hearing you at unit7 last july. Even if the night was cut a bit short...

1:25 PM  
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