Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It`s always good to sweat a little bit, to close your eyes and just play.

When pinktronix was born 4-5 years ago we always wanted to take it live, to add an edge to what we were doing in the studio. This is our first live effort. It`s me on drums and vocals and Alex on his laptop and vocals. We wanted to have maximum control, like if we were in the studio producing music, so there is a knob to twist for every sound that you hear, and even the acoustic drums are processed in the laptop. We are rmxing our song live, blending one into each other. Nothing is planned, we are just listening and looking to each other, having fun and doing our best.

There is something special when you lose yourself playing with someone else, you create a mental link between the two. I always know what Alex is going to play. We stop together to do a break down, we start again. It`s almost magic. Yeah, there are some mistakes, but that`s human, that`s dirty, that`s live, and sometimes it's very good.

From this recording our aproach is changed a lot in the studio. Anything that we record is more live, no way a synth line is going to be the best bar looped 100 times. It`s going to be as live as possible. To do a new track we almost always start jamming new ideas and then build the track. We also have a rearshal space, where quite often we have Captain Mantell playing bass and singing, putting down ideas for the next record.

Our next record will be more band oriented. I see some groovy tracks coming on the way. We like the idea of losing ourselves a little bit more in the music and not overthinking any single bit of a song. To be be more "punk" and spontaneous.

We will see what`s next for pinktronix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice work. I enjoyed this a lot.
Especially the way how you do it live is what I would like to see more from other "live acts".
Keep up the good work.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Ray said...

Superb stuff, loving this; reminds me of Shine

1:48 AM  
Anonymous DgtDj said...

i love "it's raining dj's"...downloading live set...

9:33 AM  

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