Saturday, March 29, 2008



Development is an intuitive process. The brain is somehow hooking into the math of rhythmic patterns, making us feel the motion in music. We are fairly certain that a lot of the 'funkiness' of a good funk band is paradoxically due to the performers not always being metronomically precise with their rhythms and accents and perhaps this mathematical basis could be extended even further. A playlist is a diagram, an incomplete set of instructions. It does not just play itself and draw the picture. It is more important to feel and imagine. In music a beat is not the equivalent of a mathematical point on a mathematical line. It has its own dimensions. No two beats are exactly alike. This inspiration is a random factor that morphs into personal branches of imagination.

01. your mad friend - bvc (minibar)
02. playground group - bel bel (thirtyonetwenty)
03. incex - kerstral dub plates (contexterrior)
04. agaric - cest what ? (raum musik)
05. dimbiman - planet curry (perlon)
06. dub taylor - helicopter (manual)
07. paul ritch - summer ceremony (resopal)
08. pheek - blue blue so electric (lick my deck)
09. donk boys - laundry (plak)
10. melchior productions - lets go deep (playhouse)
11 .easy changes- caviar (foundsound)
12. ultrakurt - boushik bojor (minibar)
13. monoblock - hache (minuendo)
14. polymorphin - plastic people (schallschnelle)
15. shoxy - samoa (minisketch)
16. mossa - down home funk (circus company)
17. cabanne - mixatroos (karat)
18. your mad friend - izfuzd (minibar)
19. adultnupper-juror.9 gaiser rmx (audiomatique)
20. e-contact - oane haun (stock5)
21. donk boys - elephant (floppy funk)
22. super flu - momratzn (traum)
23. from karaoke to stardom - seph 3trx re-edit (rrygular)
24. half hawaii - mir.nichts (hello ? repeat)
25. samim & michal - (tunningspork)


Blogger Ian said...

wicked tunes on here, great mix. many thanks for the tracklist too =)

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Aaron P said...

i'm in love with this set. it's everything up my alley. jittery, glitchy, and thumpin. hadn't heard anything from these boys until now. hopefully they get some touring in.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i agree, some great tracks on there and must be the first 'minimal' style mix that held my attention more than 30 mins for a good few years or so now. Liking it :)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys always freak me out in the best way!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous efka said...

efka says hello funky groovin stuff!

4:47 AM  
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10:28 AM  
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