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Development is an intuitive process. The brain is somehow hooking into the math of rhythmic patterns, making us feel the motion in music. We are fairly certain that a lot of the 'funkiness' of a good funk band is paradoxically due to the performers not always being metronomically precise with their rhythms and accents and perhaps this mathematical basis could be extended even further. A playlist is a diagram, an incomplete set of instructions. It does not just play itself and draw the picture. It is more important to feel and imagine. In music a beat is not the equivalent of a mathematical point on a mathematical line. It has its own dimensions. No two beats are exactly alike. This inspiration is a random factor that morphs into personal branches of imagination.

01. your mad friend - bvc (minibar)
02. playground group - bel bel (thirtyonetwenty)
03. incex - kerstral dub plates (contexterrior)
04. agaric - cest what ? (raum musik)
05. dimbiman - planet curry (perlon)
06. dub taylor - helicopter (manual)
07. paul ritch - summer ceremony (resopal)
08. pheek - blue blue so electric (lick my deck)
09. donk boys - laundry (plak)
10. melchior productions - lets go deep (playhouse)
11 .easy changes- caviar (foundsound)
12. ultrakurt - boushik bojor (minibar)
13. monoblock - hache (minuendo)
14. polymorphin - plastic people (schallschnelle)
15. shoxy - samoa (minisketch)
16. mossa - down home funk (circus company)
17. cabanne - mixatroos (karat)
18. your mad friend - izfuzd (minibar)
19. adultnupper-juror.9 gaiser rmx (audiomatique)
20. e-contact - oane haun (stock5)
21. donk boys - elephant (floppy funk)
22. super flu - momratzn (traum)
23. from karaoke to stardom - seph 3trx re-edit (rrygular)
24. half hawaii - mir.nichts (hello ? repeat)
25. samim & michal - (tunningspork)


Blogger Ian said...

wicked tunes on here, great mix. many thanks for the tracklist too =)

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Aaron P said...

i'm in love with this set. it's everything up my alley. jittery, glitchy, and thumpin. hadn't heard anything from these boys until now. hopefully they get some touring in.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i agree, some great tracks on there and must be the first 'minimal' style mix that held my attention more than 30 mins for a good few years or so now. Liking it :)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys always freak me out in the best way!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous efka said...

efka says hello funky groovin stuff!

4:47 AM  
Anonymous kamagra said...

Nice thanks for sharing.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Generic Cialis said...

Excellent , I really like this kind of music because I can dance and enjoy with some friends !

11:50 AM  
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