Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, I received a forwarded email from Rayna through my partner in War Vs. Sleep (Brian aka C.L.A.W.S.). It was an unexpected, but very welcome email. I have been a fan of Modyfier for a while now and have always wanted to participate in the Process Series. Unfortunately, that made it kind of difficult for me to decide what to do. I wanted it to be unique; to fit with the concept, but to stick out. I had thought about what I would do for Modyfier before, and had usually decided on a new song. Then I had this idea of doing 45rpm records slowed down to 33rpm as a set. House music that sounded sadder than the sad house music that I already DJ. I don't have turntables at home, but I wanted to start immediately. So I decided I'd do a liveset. But not live. I decided I wanted to do one hour of 100% new music, at 100bpm. Music that came to me stream of consciousness and focused on extended repetition, molasses beats, and subtlety. (I actually originally wanted it to feel like one song, but that didn't work out). And I would give myself a maximum time-frame of one week. I like flawed perfection better than perfection. I hope I've done that, but I have a myopic vision of my own work.

I worked for 3-1/2 days (not straight) on this, piece by piece, never closing the Ableton project window except when the amount of tracks/samples made it crash. I used some samples and instruments that I have played, some heavily effected and some not so heavily effected drums, some found vocal snippets which I always love and a lot of arpeggios. Each "song" or section naturally grew out of the one before it, which is why it isn't structured the way I would structure a live set, DJ set, or album. A few parts ended up wherever they ended up that could have worked better closer to the end or middle or something. I didn't want to edit to make it "better", but less natural. I hope people like it. And remember: Oh honey, please don’t give your heart to a world system based on exploitation of the luckless, give your heart to us.

beaner - process part 233 (skirtchasin') by modyfier

Catch Beaner at 222 Hyde in San Francisco this coming Friday, 24-October. More information here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GIRL: What are you doing?
BOY: Reading about Christoph Schlingensief and listening to beaner - process part 233.
GIRL: Cool.
BOY: When I grow up... I want to be a DJ.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous beaner said...

why wait, become a dj right now!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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