Monday, August 09, 2010


This mix was simply inspired by wanting to put together tracks I usually don't get a chance to play out in the club. The tempo is more of a slow head-nod and gives a deep-house feeling (almost like hip hop, but not). The speed was brought back a bit on this one, giving a soul-pitched mood. I feel this way from time to time, when I get in a certain zone: a cracked window and a dim red light. Not sounding routine but somewhat unique, with a blissful ending. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it.

jay locke - process part 225a (it's all matter) by modyfier

This mix came after I was emotionally drained and then inspired again. A lot was going on at this time. I tragically lost 2 close family members in a very short period and I am sure most of the inspiration came from that alone. This set is definitely different from the usual. It just feels great to know that I can find the spirit to do a mix like this and I hope you feel what I felt when I created this. I hope you all "get it". FROM MY SOUL TO YOURS: please enjoy.

jay locke - process part 225b (this bright light) by modyfier


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so soulful it hurts, don't know why this page is not filled with passionate comments; this is certainly one of the best modyfiers available!

1:41 PM  
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