Monday, November 01, 2010


Notes on three mixes:

- There is a certain amount of self-indulgence in presenting three mixes as part of a series that more often than not does one per artist. Thankfully, I don't consider myself an artist.

- I began the A mix as a sketch to see if some new tracks worked well with one another. But then I forgot to put things in front of the opening track to lead the imagined listener in a bit more gracefully. Oops.
- I think the Mathew Jonson tracks goes on a bit too long, but it was almost impossible to mix anything out of it in the way that I prefer to do things. Every time I'd think I had something, a synth squiggle would come in and mess it up. That's not a bad thing.
- There's this wonderful moment after the San Soda track where the Karizma track comes in offbeat, but doesn't sound like it until it's left naked there to stand on its own. I'm fascinated by this moment where your brain switches to the "proper rhythm" even if something is still matching fine.
- Those tiny skips early on in the final track aren't your mp3 file messing up, they're my mp3 file messing up. I also don't know much about "levels," "mastering" and "compression," as I'm sure you'll hear very quickly. Sorry about that.

crambe repetita - process part 239a by modyfier


- I began the B mix because I recently got a computer back that had a folder in it with a bunch of files that I had tucked away for when inspiration struck. It took four months, an unusually long time between mixes for me, to put together a mix like this. I'm not sure why that is.
- With mixes like this, I prefer to do a lot of hands-on work so that even if you know something that's playing, it doesn't necessarily take you out of the flow.
- That said, the track that comes in at the 54 minute mark is by Daryl Hall. Unlike much of the rest of the mix, there is nothing else going on at that moment except him.

- Overall, 28 tracks were used.

crambe repetita - process part 239b by modyfier


- I began the C mix because I was recently asked to make another mix for an acquaintance of mine, and I had about eight hours too much material that I wanted to use.
- Artists that had to remain on the bench, despite my best efforts: Kepler, Bochum Welt, Bark Psychosis, Flying, Giardini Di Miro, The Avett Brothers.

- More than anything else, I'm interested in how the moments between the tracks sound, how they flow into one another in those three, five, ten, 20 seconds. This is the same, whether it's a dance mix, a mix for the car or whatever B is.
- I had to make this mix three times. Odd, as you think it'd be the easiest of all.

crambe repetita - process part 293c by modyfier


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