Monday, July 24, 2006


. much can be left out to still get the point across? as a matter of (de)construct: is it easier to make a thing simple first, with minimal addition, or is it easier to reduce it down from complexity, to a distillation, with erasure? comparatively...which has more flavor: fresh food or one cooked slowly, simmering...?

...i highly recommend hopping over to wolf + lamb for free downloads of alka rex, konrad schierling, loren steele, odd dots, smirk, and wolf + lamb that they have available. you can get there via here...

...add mp3 extension to files when downloading...or a zip file 060724-modyfier with the current selections...:::...

giogio gigli – grooves community : mar 2006 on stripped gravity

todd bodine – particles (stewart walker remix) : feb 2006 on tresor
rekleiner – the state of things (hemmann & kaden remix) : may 2006 on connoisseur superieur
alexkid – come with me (llorca’s cuminda club edit) : apr 2006 on f communications
aregenis brito – naked gravity : mar 2006 on junion
patrick chardronnet – eve by day (fairmont remix) : jul 2006 on connoisseur recordings
gui boratto – tripologia : jun 2006 on kill a beat records
alison marks - rothschild's violin (anja schneider remix) : mar 2006 on dessous records


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thanks for the capitalization.

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