Friday, June 30, 2006

summarized selections...
1. a new freeform five remix of alice smith's love end was sent by world's fair. her new record is out september 5th on bbe. i am also told that she has a remix by maurice fulton in the works. have a listen. i found it to be a big full floating sound that rolls me around.

alice smith - love end (freeform five remix)

2. in other thoughts, i hadn’t heard or seen this collaboration between alton miller and boddhi satva anywhere until now. time and place dependent. maybe i just kept leaning over to tie my shoe at the wrong moment.

alton miller & boddhi satva feat. sai sai mouss - african people (tchatcho mix) : feb 2006 on atal

3. berg nixon (aka ryan crosson) will be performing july 22 as part of the bushwickartproject. and here are two tracks, the first a remix of that ubiquitous 25 bitches, but somehow, this one seemed to be more evasive than the heartthrob or marc houle versions.

troy pierce – 25 bitches (berg nixon zigzag remix) : apr 2006 on m_nus
berg nixon – victoria station : may 2006 on m_nus

4. other delights...

thomas schumacher - regenerate : jun 2006 on spier-zeug schallpatten
ricardo villalobos - susse cheques : may 2006 on frisbee tracks
gaz nevada - special agent man (morgan geist sleeping on the moon) : apr 2006 on mantra vibes
johannes heil - one : jun 2006 on cocoon recordings
luca bacchetti - freakish flowers : may 2006 on tenax
alexkid – uno : apr 2006 on f communications
i:cube – disco cubizm (daft punk remix) : 2005 on daft punk (white)
john arnold feat. malik alston (henrik schwarz mix) : oct 2005 on ubiquity
daft punk – the prime time of your life : 2006 on virgin music (france)
isolee – forever (forever lost by the glimmers) : jun 2006 on playhouse

5. and as hector23 is paying tribute to a guy called gerald over at slow motion radio station, i thought I’d add one of my favorite tracks (the original and two different remixes) that he didn’t post to round it out.

a guy called gerald feat. louise rhodes - humanity : 2000 on !k7
a guy called gerald feat louise rhodes - humanity (funkstorung mix) : 2000 on !k7
a guy called gerald feat. louise rhodes - humanity (ashley beedle remix)
: 2000 on !k7


Blogger modyfier said...

sorry i lost you comment, hector. the formatting of this post was squirrel-y so i had to re-upload it.

and my name: rayna

11:05 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi Rayna, beautiful name.
Attractive blog, something about it draws me to it.
Are they Your beautiful drawings?
Are they Your fine traces?

5:53 PM  
Blogger hector23 said...

No problem rayna.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Updating my bookmarks... see you're still here. Looks different than I remembered. I've updated my stuff too - fireplace

12:33 AM  

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