Friday, June 09, 2006

one more important thing...
as many of you may know, square productions is making a movie called speaking in code. a blurb from their website about it:

SiC is not a film about why techno is so cool and contemporary. SiC is not a movie about superstar DJs, backstage access and partying. Most importantly, SiC is not a lesson in why techno and trance is so essential and life-givingly superb.

What Speaking in Code is about is people. Extraordinary people who make their way in the world independently. Or a network of producers, promoters and musicians who are quite human. Most people think techno documentary and they think hype, clubs and outrageous camera angles. Well, that’s not SiC. The film is wonderfully shot with a steady hand and the characters we have been following deserve the attention because they are steady and simple, not garish and silly.

to continue working on this movie they need $$$. you can contribute on their website and get your name included in the credits. but aside from that self-indulgent reason, you should do so anyway because you care about the music and where it comes from.

more than anything about what this movie will be one day, i've appreciated that they opened up the process to be documented itself by viewers. where so much seems to be about end results, the finished thing, the product...little is it sometimes realized that the way things happen in the making is the most enjoyable, frustrating, ecstatic, focused, happy moments. what has been shown so far shows how human all this electronic sound is.

amy grill :: sQuaredirector/producer
Speaking in Codecell phone:: 617.417.2944
international cell:: +1(1)617.785.4121


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