Friday, June 09, 2006

...:::...this is the vibrating string….how i listen. how i work. how i i follow routine so that unexpected treasures erupt and surprise…it is the discovery and diving, the holding of breath that keeps me expanding.... i've been learning to see what is always there, sustaining, but never given much thought...:::...
gui boratto – sozinho : mar 2006 on k2
senor coconut & his orchestra – behind the mask (ricardo villalobos remix) : may 2006 on essay austria
isolee – bleu (dixon edit) : mar 2006 on playhouse
stephen beaupre – shine your light : 2003 on onitor
tiga – down in it : feb 2006 on last gang records
marc houle – simpler : may 2006 on m_nus
lindstrom & prins thomas – vrang og vanskelig : feb 2006 on eskimo belgium
dash dude – apply to people (matthias tanzmann mix) : 2006 on morris / audio
deadbeat (with vocals by athesia) – port-au-prince : apr 2005 on ~scape
luciano & thomas melchior – father : apr 2006 on cadenza
swayzak – another way (mathew jonson remix) : 2005 on !k7
towa tei – chatr (japanese rumba) (senor coconut remix) : 1999 on akashic records / eastwest japan
louderbach – cover your face : feb 2006 on underl_ne


Anonymous Jan said...

the files don't work for me :-(
except for the last...
great blog though, thx!

2:55 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Just add .mp3 onto the end of the filename when you go to save them and they'll work fine, did for me!!

11:35 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

...i've been having problems with blogger holding the extension. i reloaded them all again. hope it works. sorry for the inconvenience! rayna

3:03 PM  

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