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...:::...this is a simple, personal history of how sound grew for me...of what has tuned my ear and life-style (i wonder sometimes whether these things
are synonomous, or rather, what their relationship might be...especially from a design standpoint. for example, how do you create neighborhood? i think there are two channels of development here...the first being, through programming function and establishing design guidelines. this is the more conventional and practiced way. the second being through creating activity. i am more intersted in how spaces erupt from stir, from use, from events, and from....say, music....and i'm interested in how diversity is created within that group. i think that where/when music creates space (environment from thought...check out bakhtin), that the space then absorbs people.) perhaps because reggae has voice, i think that listening to it was at first much easier on my un-developed electronic ear. there is a human context that allowed me to fall into it....and darwin had his way with natural selection from there...for after i was hooked on that sound, it easily segued into dub. dub into house. house into techno. techno into whatever genrification is alive these days. i can't keep up. but dub was the petri-dish....and for me, it grew amazing and unexpected cultures. here is a sampling of that pool...:::...

wordsound i powa – 6000 dub plates : 1996 on reachout international records
dub syndicate – ravi shankar (part 1) : 1997 on on-u sound (original release 1985)
althia & donna – uptown top ranking : 1977 on frontline
junior delgado – she’s gonna marry me : 1998 on big cat records
bill laswell & scott inna – crooklyn dub syndicate : 1997 on wordsound ...about this track: "sure there's a lot of new music masquerading as dub these days, but a lot of it is garbage. this record seperates the champs from the chumps, the pros from the punks--dubwise to end all the hype, and finally get it right. take a step inside this rhythmical reactor, and prepare to be obliterated by the dub meltdown."
impact all-stars – upbeat version : 1998 on blood & fire
george faith – to be a lover (have some mercy) : 1976 on blackart

rhythm & sound (with love joy) – best friend : 2003 on asphodel

augustus pablo and the upsetters – vibrate on : 1976 on blackart

king tubby and phillip frazer – leaving babylon dub : 1996 on blood & fire
rhythm & sound - dem never know (sleep archive remix) : 2006 on burial mix germany

junior murvin – bad weed : 1978 on trojan / upsetter

impact all-stars – ordinary version chapter 3 : 1998 on blood & fire

lee “scratch” perry – techno party : sept 2000 on beatville records

prince far I – heavy manners : 1977 on trojan

desmond dekker – the more you live : 1967-1970 on trojan

rhythm & sound - poor people must work (carl craig remix) : may 2006 on burial mix germany

king tubby and prince alla – empty vessel dub : 1996 on blood & fire

dennis brown – money in my pocket : 1981 on trojan

derrick harriot (with the ethiopians) – good ambition : 1998 on pressure sounds

desmond dekker – reggae recipe : 1967-1970 on trojan

toots and the maytals – take me home country roads : 1976 on island

king tubby and rod taylor – ethiopian version : 1996 on blood and fire

rhythm and sound with will will – see mi yah : 2006 on burial mix germany

ken boothe – everything i own : 1974 on trojan


Blogger hector23 said...

ooff, your posts are devestating in the sheer amount of information to process. I have had a dub post in the works for ages but never planned on putting this much up.

9:44 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

hector -
i hope you find more that just quantity here...this is just the tip of the iceberg...

6:26 PM  
Blogger hector23 said...

no definitive quality as well. From ken boothe to rhythm & sound very nice choices.

I have a love for anton ellis as well from the rocksteady days.

9:02 AM  

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