Monday, May 22, 2006

it surprised me recently when i realized how many tracks i listen to first as remixes before actually hearing the original. it’s probably mostly because i get around late to things that they’ve already had a chance to emerge from the chrysalis again and again and again…but it also seems a way to re-dress an idea without having to conjure up the graceful body. it already has its skeletal structure, calcium-enriched. tailoring new sounds to fall around shoulders or slide off curving hips with all just the right moments is only a matter of modification…and whether it gets deconstructed or frilled-out, the body maintains a kinetic memory. it knows how to move, no matter what it is wearing. it’s just that sometimes it can be more challenged. so it takes context. putting on sandals to walk down an icy street won’t get you very far very fast, but it could be interesting. you never know who you might slide into. that’s what i love so much about the remix. so when i hear the original after having heard tracks that have been re-worked, it’s like materializing apparitions. i know its ghostly face, familiarly…like transubstantiation.
. this order...:::...
international pony - our house (ada remix)
international pony - superyou (justus koehncke remix)

triola - mondlied
solid groove - flooking (trevor loveys rework)
armand van helden - hear my name (solid groove hear my dub)
alex under - las bicicletas son para el verano (alex smoke rusty bike mix)
alex smoke - meany (matt john remix)
baxendale - i built this city (michael mayer mix)
alex smoke - don’t see the point (henrik schwartz edit)

troy pierce - 25 bitches (gaiser's too many bitches makeover)
andrea parker w/ dj assault & godfather - freaky bitches
jesse rose - you’re all over my head (original mix)
tiga – far from home (dfa remix – joakim edit)


Blogger your friend moxie said...

hey... love your taste and your blog!

just cause you'd honestly probably like to know... freaky bitches is actually andrea parker w/ dj assault & godfather, released on her touchin bass label. Ellen put it on her "weiss mix" which is where this clip came from.

5:29 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

thanks...and thanks for pointing that out...oops again. i seem to do that from time to time. keep an eye on me...cheers!

7:02 PM  
Blogger bad character said...

Meany is remixed by Matt John, not Mathew Jonson. Nice blog, by the way =)

12:36 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

got it. nice to know there are those who know...keep humility with me.

11:42 AM  

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