Friday, May 12, 2006


“…for cage’s sensibilities, the release of control was spiritual and ethical, even a political, imperative; one that led him to abdicate the role of composer in order to become an improviser and collaborator. ‘when you get right down to it,’ cage said, ‘a composer is simply someone who tells other people what to do. i’d like our activities to be more social – and anarchically so.’” – christopher cox
release of control. travelling with no destination...wander lust...this music brings to me. i am the audience, participating.
lee perry & king tubby - splash out dub (with augustus pablo)
...dub is where my ear first tuned to processed sounds...echoing chambers
sista widey - inspectah (jimpster remix)
...thanks to 24:hours for the jimpster tip...
funkstorung – i want some fun (jay jay johanson remix)
...enjoyed seeing these guys last fall at a robotspeak in-store session...light, playful, fun they were. humility was in the air...each of them were bouncing the same foot up and down behind the table, jointed at the knee...
mike shannon - unexpected vengeance
...first heard mike shannon's cold calling and that was it...
martini bros - boy, girl (kolwalski mix)
...i don't know where i first came across martini bros...perhaps a set list somewhere...
sleeparchive – acid (bleep mix)
...eveyone seemed to be screaming about bleep this, bleep that a few weeks ago...1, 2, 3, 4...
les visiteurs – snoops acid drop
---what more is there to say on this one...if you haven't heard it already, have a listen
marc romboy vs booka shade - everyday day in my life (martin landsky remix)
...yet another remix...booka shade any time of day
kings of convenience – i don't know what i can save you from (royksopp remix)
royksopp - 49 percent (angello and ingrosso mix)
...nothing like a voice coming through in a song sometimes...can always look to royksopp for that...not that these are the most melodic tunes of theirs, but...
carsten jost - you don't need a weatherman (superpitcher remix)
...birds chirpping. i've listened to this one so many times and still it makes me light through the window


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You have some nice stuff up here. Cheers for the tunes.

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