Monday, May 08, 2006

minor mirage...

as with so many i dip deeper and come closer to finding one thing, one sound, one track, one artist, one label, one city, there appears on the horizon yet another to chase after, and so on and so on. one thing i am getting is how to enjoy the under currents movements. slowly. steadily. digested. here is where i drifted today, alone but not lonely in my headphones:

alex smoke – never want to see you again (ada remix)

rhythm and sound – dem never know (sleeparchive remix)

the knife – silent shout (shindoe remix)

the knife – silent shout (konstruction small rave edit)

the knife – silent shout (troy pierce edit)

el planta – mombotur (m.a.n.d.y. remix)

mr. ozio vs. daftpunk – flatbeat

telex – on the road again (jo bogaert remix)

telex – on the road again marco passarini remix)

telex – on the road again (playgroup remix)

elephant island – sleeparchive

diefenbach - do as you please (hot chip remix)

panpot spliff – ricardo villalobos

marc houle – business

lucky people center – woman is like a fruit

goldfrapp - ride a white horse (serge santiago re-edit)


Blogger Chente said...

Sweet Alex Smoke track! Thanks

11:56 AM  
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