Wednesday, May 31, 2006

window hunting...
...:::...i've been practicing observation. today: morning coffee in one hand, digging for a moment (how long is a moment? composer bernhard gunter wrote about it: i have often found that listeners believed a shorter piece to last longer than an actually longer one, and that their estimates of the duration of a work were often quite far from the actual chronological one...research has found that our perception of 'present', 'now', 'the present moment' is a time window of about three seconds; everything else is memory or anticipation...) before going into work at the corner of 2nd and howard. leaning against the store front window at street level...vibrations through my shoulder blades where they touch the glass...picked up from cars stop and go at the changing light. a pigeon across the street, pistoning it's head to create a broader cone of vision (peripheral eyesight extended through motion)...

...and movement creates space…sets up boundaries, finds edge conditions. it allows exploration to evolve into navigation, where an endless combination of situations and circumstances occur without stagnation (a stalled pen blotting ink where its tip is held unmoving against the paper), where proportions are defined through direct bodily relationships (how far do you move your hand to make a line, write a sentence...move the emotioanal into the physical?) it seems most times that without motion, there would be no future...just a quiet line with no direction, with no bearing, with no are some sounds to add friction, to be your metronome...your neighbor, to light you up and cast your shadow...:::...
cagedbaby – hello there (radioslave remix) : mar 2006
daisy daisy – michelle plays ping pong (cass & mangan play late mix) : april 2006
daisy daisy – michelle plays ping pong (original mix) : april 2006
westbam & superpitcher – it’s not easy : jan 2006
lineas de nazca – el jarden de las delicias (jacek sienkiewicz remix) : april 2000
pantone – zut alore, je vous adore (falko brocksieper / mia remix) : oct 2004
rodamaal feat. claudia franco - insomnia (main mix) : june 2005
erland oye w/ morgan geist - ghost trains : feb 2003
jan jelinek – tendency : nov 2000

deadbeat – head over heels : 2004
pier bucci – the r8 moog : 2005
joakim – i wish you were gone dub : jan 2006
the knife – silent shout (troy pierce barado en locombia mix) : feb 2006
autotune – keep it wrong : may 2006
losoul feat. malte – lies (volga select double dub) : mar 2002
roy davis jr. - about love (solid groove mix) : aug 2004
jochen trappe – technofunk : mar 2006
huggotron – dance : jan 2006
my robot friend – 23 minutes in Brussels : mar 2006


Blogger frrrnando! said...

the knife remix doesnt work and ive been dying to hear it... : (

6:06 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

tri it now. r.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous c r o n c c h o said...


I have trouble downloading a couple of songs

my friend robot

U really make my days end in a sweety way!!

6:55 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

arghhh...technicalities. fixed (i hope!) enjoy!

11:52 AM  
Blogger L'escalier said...

i get what your saying but i dont know why, or how

4:09 AM  

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