Thursday, June 22, 2006

on nostalgia vs remembrance...
...:::...nostalgia is something that i have thought alot about...especially being a transplant from the east coast to the west...where finally it feels like home. don't get me wrong, i enjoy remembrance, but nostalgia? that is another thing altogether as i don't feel the urge to re-create a feeling i might have once had there...nostalgia is slippery. it always leaves you wanting, where as remembering can be extremely fulfilling. one of my favorite books that tackles the subject is ignorance by milan kundera breaches the subject where when you have to leave a place, there is an expectation that you would want to go back when you finally can....whereas if you leave a place by choice, no one has the same sort of expectations of you ever returning...if you haven't, go read it...i need a new book (novel) right now. any recommendations?

and for the music, as before, i don't know what is going on with the uploads. all i can say is that some files seem to be more tempermental than others. for those tracks without the "mp3" extension, well, you should know what to do by now (but if not...just add it on at the end). thanks for your patience...:::...
luca bacchetti – uprising : feb 2006 on tenax
luca bacchetti – out of breath : feb 2006 on tenax
whomadewho – out the door (superdiscount remix) : jan 2006 on gomma
munk – disco clown (digitalism remix) : mar 2006 on trax #27
the presets – down down down (digitalism remix) : may 2006 on modular recordings
stereo total – troglodyten (munk edit) : jan 2006 on disko b
christoper & rafael just – popper (shinichi osawa distortion) : mar 2006 on kitsune
ryan crosson – airborne : mar 2006 on trax#27
rodamaal – insomnia (luca ricci edit) : ??
rodammal – insomnia (ame remix) : jun 2006 on azuli records
stewart walker – red son over tobin bridge : 2003 on tressor
static – disquiet (starring christof kurzman) : jul 2003 on city centre offices
dr octagon – al green (908 remix) : jun 2006 (see more info at catch dub)
ghostface killah – beauty jackson : mar 2006 on def jam
ghostface killah – whip you with a strap : mar 2006 on def jam


Blogger Towt'z babouche said...

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Blogger Towt'z babouche said...

book recommendation?
those may be hard to find in English so I'll hint a few names of words that shook and pleased me:

Erri De Luca (today's Orwell to put it short, from Naples, engaged and naturalist sometimes, poetic sometimes, beautiful)
George Orwell while we're at it...
Nicolas Bouvier (swiss travel writer, wonderful diaries)
Tonino Benacquista (a scenarist as well, entertaining)
John Fante (american, simple, brilliant)
Jonathan Coe (from Britain with cynism... the best see-through view on our society)

thanx for putting in motion the theory of musical evolution with your constant sharings

PS: heard the new Einmusik?
the last LP from Thomas Brinkmann from november?
can't seem to find his collab with Suicide!

c ya ba ba boom schhhhhh

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Anonymous c.r.o.n.c.h.o said...


Well I can honestly say that you should read any book by one of my personal favourite author, his name is Javier Marias, he is a spaniard and yes hes book deal with nostalgia, guilt and the timeless soul of mankind.

Suggest Readings:

* Tomorrow in the Battle Think On Me
* Your Face Tomorrow: Fever And Spear
* All Souls
* Dark Back of Time
* When I Was Mortal
* Your Face Tomorrow, Volume Two: Dance and Dream

as always thanks for the music!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous kevvy-k said...

I tried reading some Marais and he depressed the hell out of me!

Really enjoyed recently "a home at the end of the world" by michael cunningham
and "middlesex" by jeffry Eugenides, and on a related but less fictional tip, "sex changes:the politics of transgenderism" by Pat Califia

Great tunes.. will be checking this space out with regularity in fure!

8:26 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

wow! thanks for all your feedback / suggested direction. time to get busy with yet another endeavor.

reading, like listening or looking, is one of those preferences that gets sidelined to the subjective, but is definately influenced by popular culture. i guess our collective likes eventually become that definition.

i read a fantastic article in the financial times 2 years ago about how at the turn of the millenium, there was a shift (at least in the english based british culture, but i think it has larger implications as well) from a literary to a visual culture. i'm so proud of digging this up on the ft website. here's the link if you're interested:


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