Monday, June 12, 2006

vanishing point (1971)...


...:::...there is something about the sense of time in the movie vanishing point, that not only creates space, but makes place, too. it shows this by slowly elapsing from a car either moving into the distance or coming out of it, to a stillness at the end where you, the viewer, is paced with the car so that the landscape becomes the thing that is moving.

you are reeled in through fantastic velocities, super soul, and a good old fashioned show of freedom...and you fall for the protagonist, kowalski. a former race car driver trying to make it from denver to san francisco in fifteen hours. you get to know him through expansive shots of i-80 in the 1970's, when it was still a two-lane road and the towns and back country shacks and christian soul revivals and old, toothless snake catchers and naked chicks on bikes in the desert were the expected. all these characters and places have a slowness...have faces and personalities unlike the homogenous chains of fast food restaurants and mogul gas stations that monopolize the vascular on and off ramps of today. these places were part of the fabric...woven tightly to the road, grown like barnacles, exhaling a strange breath. all of these elements are beautifully connected in the movie, floating along on a morally developed narrative as broadcast by super soul. check it out...:::...
...:::...please note: some of the file extensions seem to be dropping off when sent by ysi...just add ".mp3" to the file if this happens and it should work the meantime, i'll investigate. sorry for the temporary inconvenience...:::...
the chemical brothers – believe (mathew jonson remix) : 2005 on virgin
revl9n – walking machine (simian mobile disco remix) : jan 2006 on because music
deadbeat – rock of ages : may 2005 on ~scape
alex under – balas de paja maja : sep 2005 on trapez
monolake – plumbicon (sleeparchive interpretation) : may 2006 on monolake / imbalance computer music
franz ferdinand – i’m your villain (lindstrom extended mix) : 2006 on domino
depeche mode – suffer well (alter ego remix) : april 2006 on mute records
louderbach – grace (stressabella) : feb 2006 on underl_ne
jennifer cardini & ho – stay (roman flugel remix) : apr 2005 on crosstown rebels
reynold – for house (magda remix) : feb 2006 on sushitech purple
trentemoller – kink (reynold mix) : june 2005 on 3rd floor
matmos – steam and sequins for larry levan : may 2006 on matador
adonis – we’re rocking down the house : 1986 on trax (re-issued may 2006 on trax us) (thanks to ill-ec-tro-nic for posting up a little throw back to adonis…made me dig this one up)


Anonymous Brandon Plank said...

"def leppard – rock of ages (deadbeat remix)"

"Deadbeat - Rock of Ages" from the "New World Observer" CD on ~scape (cat #sc 027 cd)

7:23 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

right. mislabeled files with open information sharing can be so humbling sometimes. sigh.

11:21 AM  

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