Monday, June 26, 2006

navigating sound...
...:::...i have been thinking about how relationships to sound are traversed in life. the other day: about how moving so much of the time with earphones on, when i stop to take them off, how much more i actually am here and hear. it somehow elevates ambient daily noise from background sound to separate noises...the bus lines snapping over head (such a specific san francisco noise), a pigeon limping, a newspaper page turning, coffee falling into a cup...and then also straining for that elusive silence…

on another note:

i really enjoyed the post about john foxx’s new work, tiny colour movies, over at k-punk. i think mostly about how a process-based idea came out of a response to someone else's found images. continuing deferral. i think mark’s right about visuals haunting. it gets even more interesting when personal images belonging to a stranger still remain so even in their detachment...possesive of the viewer. captivating.

i often don't take photos of places or people that i want to remember for the very reason of wanting to avoid tricking memory. i'd rather avoid how the photo says it's supposed to be and interpret with rememberance. with those human perceptions on the trigger-finger. john berger's ways of seeing or another way of telling are prime examples of exploring this thematically.

so it's interesting that foxx remembers some other lost and found memory and evolves it in his new work. capturing enough distance between today and yesterday to acknowledge that space with sound. music can be midnight tolling. that ample ring, creating a separation, a ground to push from, spring up...:::..

etienne de crecy – suck : june 2006 on different
phonique – gift (jeff samuel remix) : jun 2006 on simple records
thomas schumacher – high on you : jun 2006 on spier-zeug schallpatten
fairmont – gazebo (sebastien leger remix) : apr 2006 on net’s work international
arp aubert feat jan gazar – actress (lawrence remix) : jun 2006 on mirau musik
thomas schumacher – exhale : jun 2006 on spiel-seug schallplatten
osborne & dmx krew – bout ready to jack : apr 2006 on spectral sound
dmx krew – i won’t forget : apr 2006 on spectral sound
osborne & isolee – daylight (pyjama mix) : apr 2006 spectral sound
theodor zox – stalker : mar 2006 on tic tac toe records
lawrence – wasting a fall (edit) : mar 2006 on ghostly
gaz nevada – i.c. love affair (munk edit) : mar 2006 on mantra vibes
seelenluft - i come along (joakim dub) : mar 2006 on klein
seelenluft - you come along (m.a.n.d.y. remix) : mar 2006 on klein


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