Friday, July 28, 2006

the mechanical sound…
...:::...i had the good fortune a handful of years ago to drop out of grad school at cca (and most importantly (but sadly formerly) “c” for “craft”) where i was pursuing a masters degree in design and instead go work for my professor, martin venezsky of appetite engineers. although i was with him for less than a year before deciding to veer back onto a course of landscape architecture, his influence on my thinking in congruence with a methodology was tectonic. it was like finding a breath twenty feet under water.

so often, thinking grinds production to a halt. this can happen for varying reasons. one being that by the time an idea actually gets built or made (especially in architecture) the idea is already old…no longer on the cutting edge of theory. as process draws out, ideas move on. another reason can be from a simple paralyzation. where thinking imprisons production.

martin is a man of mechanics. not in the way that things actually work, but more in the way that things fall apart. from his philosophy statement: “..we find joy in clashing consequence...and there is something to be said for the intense, harmonic, ragged, mysterious, teetering messiness of all things that stop and start...” he taught me how to play through setting up a few basic rules and giving elements (like a roll of tape or a paper clip or a broken spirograph) personalities, that they could begin to interact and have conversations. that they could be explored for their materiality alone and their “ness”-ness. that is, the tapeness or the paper clipness or the spirographness. discovering the things that make these objects what they are.

i like the idea that there are still sounds being made in analog that cannot be replicated digitally. that there is a physicality to them that almost fills the silence with a palpable weight. like it could sit on your lap for a a fat cat. purring.

and to hear what this might sound like, a dialogue between analog and digital interfaces…from tomas palermo: I began a series of file exchanges with a friend in LA (sir DSS) who uses only analog modular synths (the kind you have to plug and patch like an old telephone switchboard in order to change sounds). I sent him an ambient track, he modulated it in to a forceful hybrid electo thing, and then I redissected it again into something else using Live. Here's the results so far.

tomas palermo & sir dss - modular dub re-doubled

and from dorothy at hefty records: Hefty veterans Retina.IT recently performed as part of the Hefty showcase at the brilliant Sonar Festival in Barcelon. Their live set was recorded and now we are making the full set (alomst 50 minutes) available in podcast form! This set features ,aterial from their recent IAtunes#002 EP digital release as well as UNRELEASED material. Their new full-length comes out in 2007.

retina - live at sonar 2006

...and in other sounds...add those pesky mp3 extensions to the files when downloading...:::...

lee van dowski & quenum – iceice : apr 2006 on pnuma
anja schneider – addicted : may 2006 on mobile
cio d’or – sternenglanz : apr 2006 on karmarouge records
john dahlback – ooh ooh i e (sebo k remix) : may 2006 on systematic
swoop – superlicious (the hacker remix) : apr 2006 on craft music
nitzer ebb – i thought (robag’s schikkuli vocal rework) : jul 2006 on novamute
martini bros – guys too far high : jun 2006 on poker flat
giordini di miro – othello : jun 2006 on 2nd rec
dj mtv & mark knight – a new reality (john dahlbeck remix) : jul 2006 on 1trax


Blogger twoface said...

the correct link for the last one is:

;-) but tks!

11:44 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi can't comment on the sounds at the moment -
some technical broken-ness with my players
though your experiment sounds interesting, of course you know it is digitally coded transmitted, retransnitted and decoded, ...
New profile pic pn the rocks

I'm still working on a text suitable to highlight one of your drawings.
Here's looking at ya. here's loving ya. here's smiling at you!
All the best! Have a great weekend

1:02 PM  
Anonymous cranston from the daisy hill puppy farm said...

gabor has done it again, who would expect his nitzer ebb remix to be so cool?,

lovin it...

3:03 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

cranston. i love the vacuum-packed cd package alongside the sausages you did. nice. having fun sifting through different projects on your site.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Canyon Fairways real estate said...

I thought it would be sad for you to drop out of school but at least you went and learned something new which has been beneficial to you.

7:06 PM  

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