Wednesday, July 26, 2006

familiar strangers...
wander over to thinner and you will find a new release by ben businovski, titled simulacraic wonderland (all of which is available for free download). larry johnson writes about it:

An important counterpart to the musical focus of the album is the theme of an "Asian megalopolis" as alluded to in the title and images. According to Ben, the album tells a story - "something of a futuristic, cyber-punk, film-noir anime film." The tracks were written prior to his move to South Korea (where he presently resides) while at student at the University in Australia. Time spent watching Hong Kong action movies and Japanese animation inspired the quixotic idea of an Asian megalopolis. These tracks were composed while lost in a "Simulacraic Wonderland", and there's a bit of naive romanticism evident here induced by watching these movies and animations as their images created a vague, idealized semblance of living the Asian experience...

...In retrospect, after having moved to Korea and visiting Japan several times, it became clear that the simulacra of the images on the television screen bore little resemblance to reality and to quote Ben: "Familiarization demystifies everything, it sobers you up and in a sad way destroys the deluded romantic concepts one can develop. Listening to it brings me back a few years to when things were not so familiar, not quite so old."

how many faces can you count at the bus or the train stop in the morning on the way in to work that you recognize? the people that share the same routine as you, the same agenda, the same timing…but that you never say hello to. these are the familiar strangers. they give context, ground meaning, orient you through their presence. ben’s music is a little like that. deferring acquaintance, nodding to foucault, smoking a pipe...:::...

ben businovski – ceiling fan : jul 2006 on thinner
ben businovski – song for a cybernetic amazon : jul 2006 on thinner

ben businovski – communication bridge : jul 2006 on thinner

...:::...and on kinetic memory…a new release from bodycode (aka portable, alan abrahams) the conservation of electric charge, which finds joints in motion, hinging knees and ankles, elbows and neck in rotation. without thinking. happily walking you down the street...:::...

bodycode – hands free interface : jul 2006 on spectral
bodycode – equidistant : jul 2006 on spectral
portable – sunblind : 2006 on ~scape


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