Monday, July 31, 2006

sunday's impressions...
...:::...i watched a cloud fall apart over the ocean. a cumulous raked into a wisp...found that descriptive moment where one thing became another. it was in light and shadow...

i wondered whether i would have better luck finding a whole sand dollar if i sat down and waited for one to come to me, or if i kept walking down the beach, lazily combing...

i noticed somewhere between sleep and a closed-eyed wakefulness that there was no "in" and "out" sound of the waves cresting, breaking, pushing and pulling...only a constant rushing sound, or maybe it was just a jet plane overhead...?

i confirmed, once again, how euphoric i feel when eating this combination: warm figs, soft cheese and toasted walnut bread alongside a glass of a 10-year tawny port...:::...

and falling back onto old images...haven't been drawing as much lately. that will change. today's selections in a zip file (sorry folks, for those of you wanting individual tracks, this is most time-effective for now) 060731-modyfier listed below. these are special.

tricksi – grace : jul 2006 on sonar kollektiv
mark knight & martijn ten velden – a new reality (jesse rose remix) : jul 2006 on itrax
x-press 2 – kill 100 feat rob harvey (carl craig remix) : jul 2006 on 1trax
dexter & bass-a-rani – boogie chasers (passarani edit) : jul 2006 on nature records
metope – cpu circus : jul 2006 on ntrap recordings
loose cannons – why you (cass & mangan play early) : jun 2006 on fat fox records
basteroid – un dos windows : jun 2006 on areal records
lindstrom – pesto og kolera (brennan green saucy version) : jun 2006 on feedelity recordings


Blogger andrew said...

John Tejada at DNA this Friday. Quieres ir? My new/old email address: . Disabled the other one. Love the music and the modifyer as always.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous cranston the firework millionaire said...

i'm sorry but i'm not the grafic kid who designed that cd package. the page is from two of my best friends .

the cd you saw was a compilation of artist that played at a club in zurich they co-owned... my track for that compilation hasn't been released because it has a thurston moore voice sample from an interview in it and they thougt that releasing it means trouble. but anyway, let me know if you want one of the cd's in the package and i'll send a copy to you

sarno (

ps: that's where i work besides university, it's the best job because selling plants is making people happy

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


can someone find it ?
bye from italy

6:31 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

hi andrew. gotcha. don't know what's up friday...mace is gone to vermont and in his absence, i've been working, working, working. thanks for the words.

and sarno...thurston moore voice sample...send it over. i'm curious. i'll email you.

and, ah. lindstrom, lindstrom, lindstrom. head over to slow motion radio ( some thoughts on lindstrom, and then find a link there to some others.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Mike P. said...

The Carl Carig remix (X-Press 2) impresses like I expected - but it's the Tricksi track "Grace" that BLEW me the part midway where it starts to turn into a SkinnyPuppy industrial sounding trance song. Tip of the week indeed!

7:47 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

surprises can be good, no? you should check out their influences and all time favorites over at sonar kollektiv's website...they're fun and funny.

8:19 AM  

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