Monday, September 18, 2006


...:::..once again, harpers continues to amuse, horrify and delight with it's articles and art...selections from this month's findings:

"People with short legs are more likely to get fat and develop diabetes.

Scientists announced that rich people live longer than poor people.

Canadian researchers were developing an ultrasound device to help people grow damaged teeth, and scientists recovered DNA from the tooth of a Neanderthal child found in a Belgium cave.

Scientists found that mothers tend to think their own children's poop doesn't stink.

Scientists found that psilocybin mushrooms really do cause people to have spiritual experiences.

Overconfidant people are more likely to wage war; they are also more likey to lose.

A new study found that Americans sleep less than they think they do. Black people sleep less than white people, and men sleep less than women.

People whose bodies produce a sepecific cellular enzyme known as monoamine oxidase A are more likely to be neophiliacs, a condition that manifests itself in an incessant need for newness.

Scientists created the world's sharpest tip.".

it's always interesting how you turn the corner from stuck to inspired. most times it is just in the smallest and most obvious things. i find it often in the things that i know nothing about, that i stumble upon...finding a way to relate those unknowns to what i do know. most importantly, living with curiosity. stimulate. construct. i stacked the tracks below in such a way, made them structural. enjoy...:::...

download: 060919-modyfier

(a)pendics.shuffle & altiply – lonely payback (pbs mix) : aug 2006 on adjunct audio
my my – bonus jack : sep 2006 on circus company
beckett & taylor - where there you been gone find it : sep 2006 on hand on the plow
mr g – ec g-ed (rekid mix) : aug 2006 on rekids
pheek – magda had a little troll (gurtz remix) : sep 2006 on clever music
loco dice - flight lb 7475 : sep 2006 on ovum recordings
cant – camels : sep 2006 on tic tac toe records
dapayk solo – warteballmusik : sep 2006 on mo’s ferry
franco cinelli – flog : sep 2006 on alphahouse


Anonymous Gary said...

Loco Dice is the Bomb. This should get played by Djs across the house/techno/whatever music spectrum. Huge and an instant purchase.

Thanks also for 75ml a while back. I'd heard this out and it sounded ace (Northern England speak for Brilliant etc) but i didn't know what it was. Another purchase.

Great pictures from your Europe trip. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Best club in Berlin?

5:25 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

glad to hear that from all this sampling, that someone is purchasing...

and berlin was so much more then clubs...i'm believer in the idea that environments are created from, to answer your question vaguely,'s purely contextual.

12:44 PM  

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