Wednesday, February 28, 2007


. you know
sonoluminescence? sometimes there is music that encapsulates me...blows a filmy bubble around my body...floating me over sidewalk puddles on a rain-soaked day...or maybe on some amazing morning, catches me on a wind current and i find myself hovering out over and above the sun-reflected bay...

these beautiful and pressurized moments are life's medium. and i stretch my receptive membranes to maximize potential uplift from surrounding sounds...i find these in my everyday environments, both passively and selectively...exciting me to the point where when they are suddenly no longer there, i implode (
in the wonderful space of the in-between) and emit some kind of a shining...a light so clean and perfect and star-like i might just find the propulsion to find pleasure in the things i hate to do most.

yeah, music can be like that for can be like the poetics of
practical fusion...:::...


benfay – pink silk panties (bang goes remix
) : nov 2006 on stattmusik
elektrokiss – the teacher slap me like a bitch : jan 2007 on bonsai music
maxime dangles – mon ami keuz : feb 2007 on acid milk recordings
popnoname – no doubt : feb 2007 on italic
djosos krost – better place : aug 2006 on quango
kid dub, cazzy d, d dub – genesis (audiofly remix) : feb 2007 on berwick street records
terje & anders – montag & dienstag : feb 2007 on lordag records
kalabrese – auf dem hof (ludron dub) ( crowdpleaser & mimie nana remix) : dec 2006 on stattmusik
gui boratto – xilo : feb 2007 on kompakt
satoshi fumi – : jan 2007 on connect four


holy ghost inc – mad monks on zinc (adultnapper remix) : feb 2007 on flying circus
metope – breep : feb 2007 on areal records
len faki – rainbow delta (extended version) : jan 2007 on ostgut ton
klmnt – zouin (tiger stripes dub) : feb 2007 on deeplay soultec
martin brodin – semitone shuffle (mikael stavostrands berlin tin can mix) : feb 2007 on audiobahn
falko brocksieper – just dazing : jan 2007 on substatic
emanuel eisbrenner – ver rueckt (day mix) : jan 2007 on aromamusic
nikol nazarov – retro : feb 2007 on europhonix
peak & canson – service : jan 2007 on fine art recordings
nathan fake – outhouse (valentine kanzyani remix) : jan 2007 on recycled loops


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted to say "thank you" once again

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bug bug :)

"File Download:
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Sorry, the file you requested is not available."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Already not available at sendspace????????PLZ upload it again!Thnx a lot for the lovely songs and time you put into this!

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Blogger tropic said...

thank you

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Blogger modyfier said...

all fixed up. apologies.

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hi modyfier!!
that so your blog the this best one! you have an excellent music I finish it knowing I hope that it touches something to me of music. you have very good music and you are very expert I send a kiss to you and follows thus greetings from Mexico City!

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thanks for all the music.//

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally feel what you're the worst way...

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