Friday, February 02, 2007

...:::...i find curves with lines. wander slowly. accoridan breath...

i move through spaces and take sonographic snapshots. sometimes, i think, i am learning more and more about how to listen from the sounds that i don't choose...from the sounds that come to me passively...from things just happening...

i am learning how to listen to music from these daily sounds. i am learning how to pick out singularities from so much audial information. deciphering (like listening to a foreign language, when all words are understood as a continuous string of sound...that point when meaning begins to land...when a single word separates out, in a wonderful recognition). yes, these days, i am just listening. learning. finding meaning...:::...

download: 070202-modyfier part01

martin buttrich – well done (serafin remix) : jan 2007 on four:twenty recordings
noze – kitchen (skat remix) : aug 2006 on mbf
tosca – superrob (henrik schwarz mix) : jan 2007 on global underground
hosh – suesstoff : dec 2006 on stil vor talent
estroe – driven (jamie jones pacific mix) : jan 2007 on connaisseur superieur
drei farben house – close enough : aug 2006 on forcetracks
eyerer & chopstick – haunting (sleeper thief remix) : dec 2006 on i0 music
someone else & mistake – yeah right : dec 2006 on wit recordings
hidenobu ito – kick : dec 2006 on mo’s ferry
miss fitz – geschprech (jeff samuel remix) : jan 2007 on kalimari

download: 070202-modyfier part02

spektre – minimal machinist (oliver huntemann remix) : dec 2006 on dance electric
acumen – journey off : jan 2007 on merrestief
ost & kjex – how not to be a biscuit : dec 2006 on crosstown rebels
tomas andersson – double problematik : jan 2007 on bpitch control
inxec – kestral dub plate : dec 2006 on contexterrior
the model – posh pattern : dec 2006 on underline
seth traxler – love bezerker (ryan crosson remix) : dec 2006 on beretta grey
einmusik – 69 : jan 2007 on modus operandi
photocall – silver clouds (dexter remix) : jan 2007 on clone records
my space rocket – stay apart : jan 2007 on ungleich


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello modyfier. just a word to say thank you for the wonderful words and provocative tunes. long time fan posting first comment.

6:45 AM  
Blogger T. Lennox said...

On my second or third run through this new mix. It's all a wonderful blur. As I've stated already tonight in my own blog: "Modyfier is a solitary lighthouse in a sea of electronic shit". Thank you.

11:56 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

wow. i'm totally flattered. thank you for the support!

6:18 PM  

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