Monday, February 12, 2007


. thoughts drain.
flowing at a steady rate over the shifting slopes in my head. seeking out openings and voids...the places to escape to...fill up.

(i stand on my head to reverse the flow and speak english backwards (sdrawkcab)...slowly white space grows...i lift my hand to break a line and drop it back down again...i find myself wondering what inverted thoughts look like)...

sometimes, i store these observations to re-examine later. but mostly, i like just to watch them pass...wading barefoot in a stream...:::...

download: 070212-modyfier

4hero – superwoman : feb 2007 on raw canvas
mike sheridan – barcelona : jan 2007 on mis records
thomas schumacher – is not : dec 2006 on spiel-zeug schallplatten
noze – kitchen (t schaeben tombos teflon work remix) : aug 2006 on mbf
christian dittmann – agua de piedra : jan 2007 on rrygular
audio werner – moved : jan 2007 on circus company
sonodab – latitude : jan 2007 on trazable recordings
hosh – waldmeister : dec 2006 on stil vor talent
george apergis – calypso : jan 2007 on ungleich
lump – funky hesus : jan 2007 on karloff
djeho youn – 88000 watt : jan 2007 on merrestief
ost & kjex – cottage cheese in cantonese : dec 2006 on crosstown rebels
alecs marta – pines pisser (davide squillace remix) : jan 2007 on pulsewith
mikael stavostrand – breaka breaka : dec 2006 on kontra-musik
trans mania – boing boom jack (alexander robotnik remix) : jan 2007 on gomma
risque de funk electrique – give me luv (jk extended reedit) : jan 2007 on lefreq
sasha virus – pop voice (robo version) : jan 2007 on xela digital


Blogger ForwardEver said...

I love that you explore different ways to think, because frankly, I don't consider that very often. And I reckon most folks would rather turn on the TV and unthink, than be bothered with how to think different. Something tells me that if this blog were translated to German or Austrian, it would have double the fans. Do we actually think though? Or do we in fact sense, via, well, our sesnse, and then use our brains to react to what we sense, and then experience that reaction as thoughts?

8:41 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

tomas! let's just call it atavism. we are animal, afterall. thanks for the comment.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanxxx for the wonderful sound...

10:31 AM  

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