Friday, February 09, 2007


cowbells and wooden blocks - modyfier mix

the mix process and recipe:

4 or 5 oz electro
2 grams indie rock beats (beats for the indie kids)
2 kilos minimal techno
1 tsp mashup

chop and blend into a bowl of ableton live 5 @ 125bpm and serve hot. serves 1 to 100.

when downloading songs to my commodore 64 which is backed up by myatari 2600 mod upped to a full 100k of extra RAM and 350K HD, i throwsongs i like into various folders such as techno, abstract, breaks, hyphy for future mixes or comps. when rayna asked me to contribute tothis mix project which was about 2 weeks ago, i first had to figure outwhat type of mix would be appropriate. since i've gotten some great tracks from her site, i decided to start with one from hercollection(frizz-'going up'). this mix is a complete departure fromthe music i play, make and compile. the mix has sharp synth stabs thatwill make you raise your glowsticks in the air and it's got that electro vibe which for the most part i just can't grasp, but i digthese tracks and they seem to go well together, but i guess that's foryou to decide.

the first track is always the most important to me because it sets the general mood. now that i had that picked out, i chose about 50 tracksto work with and then further separated those tracks by mood and genre.i wanted to stay in the 125bpm range and properly mix the beats, so i had to figure out the keys of all the tracks and then rearrange by keyof each track. mixes on cd are generally heard at home, in the car, oron the run and not necessarily at a warehouse space at 3am when you're surrounded by some generally like-minded individuals who are also inthat moment. for this reason, i wanted to vary the tracks a bit andnot bore the listener although some may not ever want to hear a woodenblock again after listening to the lengthy villalobos remix of 'thesinner in me', but besides the vocals which i wish i could haveextracted, it's a song that has an incredible amount of rhythmic depth. the tracks range from 2003 to 2007. the newest track is 'synchronize'by tomboy which i was sent a few weeks back, and i tossed asidebecause, once again it has all of the elements of electro which inormally detest, but i keep listening to it over and over again. i amnot the biggest fan of mashups either, but the girl talk track is a funtrack and it fits well with the general mood of the mix.

i take all of the tracks and then put them into ableton live to arrange and mix. i'll render it to cd and then listen to it in my carand on my home system. the first go around had the mix going from themodeselektor track to a pantytec track and then ending with the'straight outta compton' mix by kid 606, but ending with techno andthen a track of utter chaos kind of killed the mood, so tiga andvitalic to the rescue. the transitions in the 2nd half of the mix areshorter as most of these tracks were not 'made for dj's' which i could have cut up and created longer transitions, but i think it still workswell and for the most part is smooth.

the mix has something for the whole family. for the perverted unclewho likes electro, the teenaged girl twins who dress like pat benatar and dig indie rock, the once goth grandmother who escapes on minimaltechno to the slutty older sister who still lives with her parents andonly listens to mashups. and everyone loves the bass.

01. frizz (aka noize) - going up
02. soulwax - ny lipps
03. tattoo - one
04. lcd soundsystem - tribulations
05. isolée - face b
06. depeche mode - the sinner in me (ricardo villalobos conclave remix)
07. tomboy - synchronize (dub)
08. girl talk - bounce that
09. modeselektor - silikon (siriusmo remix)
10. tiga - hot in herre
11. vitalic - my friend dario


Anonymous Anonymous said...

track 10, eff'n nice!

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Francesco from Pinktronix, i've lost your contact, and took me a little bit to track you!

we have some stuff for your blog, please get in contact on

and sorry, but as you know we are right on delay!

12:25 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...


i'm so happy you've got tracking skills...sleuth detective. i will send you an email to: i hope it gets through to you. i'm not on myspace...

3:22 PM  
Blogger asocialstudies said...

mix not available for download. :( :( :(

12:20 PM  

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