Wednesday, October 11, 2006

...:::...modernism has worn many faces. as it tends to reject tradition, it's only natural that one period should uproot the next. in a sense, it's tradition is to change.

a consistent manifesto of modernism has been to embrace technology and accept it as a thing that is permanent, beautiful and changing. initially 'avant-garde' and elite, it exploded as a movement in the first two decades of the twentieth century but was not ingrained into popular culture until the 1930's when mass production allowed the public to full-heartedly embrace technological advances. this is recognized in the public adaptations of politics, the sciences, philosophy, architecture, and the arts.

marxism and darwinsm in the late 1800's laid the foundation for modernism to launch from. they freed society from religion by paving the way for secularism, by introducing systems and structure, rather than believing in assumed conditions.

they gave clues to discrete moments.

the changes that were brought on by the industrial revolution elevated the opposing ideologies of modernism and romanticsm. the latter was rooted in an intangible nostalgia and a fear (rejection) of the rapid change that was happening all around. opposingly, modernism embraced this change and sought ways to integrate and embody the momentum of social and technological progress.

perhaps one of the most familiar (and earlier) examples is in the work of abstract painters who (following the lead of the impressionists before them) abandoned representation of the natural world and instead began exploring with color, shape and light and re-structuring perspective. similarly, electronic music parallels this exploration in sound. there is a certain primitivism in rhythm that underlies all technological possibilities (de-construct the sound of a heartbeat) and so maintains a human relation. the broad range of texture and tonality is sill rooted in a rhythmic structure. confined to an aural medium. it is within those constraints that it finds its freedom and newness. grabbing what is possible now. knowing that more is soon to follow.

download: 061012-modyfier

sebo k – moved (prosumer stab dub) : sep 2006 on mobile
j hunsberger – watch her move : sep 2006 on mutek records
alexi delano & xpansul – echolocation : oct 2006 on plus 8 records
andomat 3000 & jan – entr’acte music : sep 2006 on cadenza
bodycode – hands free computer interface (the mole remix) : aug 2006 on spectral sound
mochipet feat ellen allien – robot girl : oct 2006 on daly city records
johannes heil – artology (destillat remix) : oct 2006 on klang elektronik
thomas p heckmann & andreas kauffelt – kookaburra (gabriel ananda remix) : sep 2006 on afu limited
pan-pot – black widow : jul 2006 on mobilee records
adam marshall – mission (jeremy p caulfield’s dead cargo cult remix) : sep 2006 on new kanada
marcin czubala – johnny 11 fingers (metope mix) : sep 2006 lasergun records
luca bacchetti – lo fi : sep 2006 on tenax


Blogger LOVE NEON said...

Hello! take a look in my blog and download my set!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

Hey hey! here's a mix from when I was in your neck-o-the-woods on Monday:


5:53 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

links not working

good to see that such tunes were gracing the bay airwaves...thanks for the download link.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

Thanks! BTW,

"thomas p heckmann & andreas kauffelt – kookaburra (gabriel ananda remix)" is actually the Knarz remix.

The Ananda remix doesn't have the old school 808 drum samples and is full of pretty synths & chords.


11:03 AM  
Blogger Housemann said...

I'm realy interested in your songs but the limit has been reached.
And it is only 3 days ago that you upped it.

2:18 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...


4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mixes are outstanding. Stan (ondashoff) brought me here.

I it up :

Keep it up, girly.

1:49 PM  

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