Saturday, August 09, 2008


One thing I’ve always appreciated about electronic dance music is the freedom one is given to both creatively and improvisationally manipulate how it is mixed, especially when the style gravitates towards long overlapping mixes.

There are many approaches a dj can take towards constructing a mix. Some like to put a lot of forethought and planning into the particular tracks they select and the consequential sequencing. To me, this method usually results in a level of rigidity in the mix and saps out the spontaneity that I appreciate. My preferred method is simply to grab a big stack of tracks that i like, think about the feeling and energy that i want the mix to have, and just go for it letting the selection and sequence happen in the process. In this mix I wanted to start with a fun and driving arrangement that drifts into a darker and more relaxed end.

I also feel that people often strive for a “perfect mix“ with no apparent mistakes, which is usually attained through editing and post production. While I like a tight mix, I don’t mind hearing a flub here and there because (as my friend Jacob tells me) it reminds the listener that they’re hearing a live performance.

I made this mix with two Technics 1200’s and an Allen and Heath Xone 92 mixer, recorded into logic. I hope you enjoy it!

01. suokas - stockhom
02. hot - mrutalkin
03. the cheapers - caves
04. bloody-mary vs. sierra sam - baccara
05. kit clayton - grey amber (dan curtain remix)
06. louderbach - dior compound
07. andomat three thousand - hominid
08. akiko kiyama - fungi (inxecs rmx)
09. misc. - schictdienst
10. franklin de costa - borderline
11. daniel dreier - horny
12. alex tsidiris - oshhh (aaron hedges and beaner rmx)
13. coalition of the killing - too many machines (argenis brito rmx)
14. jichael mackson - one thousand bugs
15. ferrante unt teicher - taboo


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