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...:::...i have been thinking about the differences between environments that are created from product consumption and intentionally (or permanantly) designed spaces....

when people bring items into their everyday...they begin to re-shape their environments through the things that they choose to have around (or on) them: a t-shirt, a pair of jeans or shoes, a poster on the wall, a song in the air...these are the parts, the temporal things, that construct personal spaces...and if enough of these overlap through interaction, they begin to re-shape the actual built and constructed world through pixelization, like a chuck close painting, maybe...

and i find with music, that if enough of these consumable sounds are sequenced and strung together throughout the day, an intentional environment can be created (in synchronicity with the physical one) to cradle whatever my emotional barometer may be reading...

and then there is a musing for another day about the responsibility of actually designing built spaces...:::...

download: 070305-modyfier

luetzenkirchen & toby montana – last night in vegas : jan 2007 on roy toys
cortney tidwell – don’t let stars keep us tangled up (ewan pearson’s objects in space remix edit) : feb 2007 on ever records
jack rock – morning electric (the international victims remix) : dec 2006 on wir
kab – release : jan 2007 on wir
petar dundov – awakening dream : feb 2007 on music man records
sweno n – black sun feat nik felice (monoroom remix) : feb 2007 on parquet recordings
vermittelnde elemente & c*rock – all gas : feb 2007 on onitor
soulrack – modul age : mar 2007 on cray1 labworks
funk – babae (cristian paduraru mix) : feb 2007 on open bar music
claude von stroke – the whistler (worthy mix) : feb 2007 on dirtybird
jurgen pappe – take this : jan 2007 on kompakt
– tromba (parker frisby remix) : jan 2007 on hell yeah
alejandro vivanco – nomade : dec 2006 on dumb unit
sasse – gravity (peter dildo dirtymind replay) : feb 2007 on moodmusic
jacek sienkiewicz & marek r – ride : dec 2006 on recognition
luci – da o : sep 2006 on mutek
lee jones – there comes a time (prins thomas mix) : feb 2007 on aus music


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! So many fantastic tracks!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the cortney tidwell track lost me an hour and a half trying to find the full version from somewhere. i've posted it at if you'd like it. your site and taste is fantastic by the way... ;)

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