Thursday, January 11, 2007


A lot of people say they plan out sets and mixes, but I don't have the patience for all of that. I grab music that I'm in the mood to hear, toss in some new tunes that will go well with it and bang it out. I think it's important to use the DJ mix as a tool to not only promote the DJ, but new music, so it's important to give the listener some fresh material. It's this fresh, new material that sets the DJ apart from the rest and makes it easier to have people take notice. Every once in a while, I like to grab some older tunes and work them into a set, just to fuck with the listener, because the older material out there can be better than some of the new tracks released... if you know what to look for. Overall, I like to be different and try to mix things together that may not normally be played together, but don't deviate from a consistant flow. It all makes for happy speakers and headphones.

tracklist: brandon plank's set

01. El Farouki - Interaction - [deep in dub]
02. QiK - Fall (Dilo Remix) - [igloo-rec 009]
03. Samim - Radiative - [Moon Harbour]
04. Brandon Plank vs. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall - UNRELEASED
05. Sebbo - Chunky Fudge (Ripperton Remix) - [Trackdown]
06. Brett Longman - Love Bluff - [Logisitic 050]
07. Samim - Masua - [Circus Company]
08. Square One - Vesuvius (Justin Martin’s ‘I Hope It Doesn’t Blow Mix’) - [Freerange]
09. Acid Circus - Minimal Junk (Jason Emsley Remix) - [Droid]
10. Martinez - Echochamber - [Audiomatique]
11. Wighnomy Brothers - Hankkofloppe - [Freude Am Tanzen 029]
12. Jamie Anderson - Open Your Mind - [Fixia 001]
13. Martinez - Cosmic Dubster - [WHITE]
14. Agoria - Baboul Hair Cuttin (Radio Slave Remix) - [Different]
15. Lee Van Dowski & Quenum - The Joint Echo (Caulfield’s Remix) - [Num 11]
16. Plasmik - Eight To Nine (Anja Schneider’s Tabledance Mix) - [Connaisseur]
17. BLM And Marc Ashken - Break Up - [Fear Of Flying 001]
18. Junior Boys - In The Morning (Alex Smoke Remix) - [Domino]


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