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process: part 001...


...:::...this is the beginning of something new...of something that i hope will reveal the idea of process a little bit further...

so much of the time there is a removal from the making part of art, of creativity in general...whether it be music or film or photography or drawing or design or...

things become so product oriented...

i have been asking fellow bloggers/artists/dj/critics to contribute to a new series that aims to touch on the space between the zero end of creation and the 'made'. that is: on what happens in the in-between (you know 'ma'?). as sets begin rolling into my inbox along with their makers words about construction (track selection, sequencing, context, technicalities, relationships, inspiarations, etc.), i have been starting to hear and read some of the ecclectic responses to a singular situation. it's lovely and fantastic. below: the first three...:::...


i agree to sol le witt that things should be described as simple as possible. this reminds me much of mark ernestus' and moritz von oswald's attitude to their music, basic channel, chain reaction, rhythm & sound (…), to not stand in front of the music but to let the music stand in front of you. my history of and attitude towards musical reception and beyond that, art, grew on the fundaments of the basic channel cd and autechre's amber. timeless pieces of an attitude that gains, again, importance to me...

(and from email excerpts from patrick raddatz to modyfier): i came across freund der familie on your site, you see, the laws of certain physics correspond to those of sociology to a great extent. i see mixing a set as an important form of curating. it creates an excitement that acts as a cleaning agent washing off the bricolage of sediments that add up in day time. exchange is very important to me. one day, the merging of realities, that jeff mills talks of on his the other day ep, creates one and that's a fascinating idea. just like music...:::...there are the pros and cons of mixing, and i prefer you saying "structuring" which makes so much more sense, when there is no imperative of clubs or dancefloors. we all know the soul thing, the spiritual thing and those things but when you look at your own sketch book, when I look at my sketch book, it is the manifestation of the amalgamation of all that moves you as a whole entity during that moment, when we do what we did. the impetus that lies within whatever kind of art I pursue, here at my university of arts, is an act of literally cutting out what lies within and shall not fade. some things just are not meant to be ephemeral. that's a big relief to me.

tracklist :: patrick raddatz's set

01. hasta cuando / christian dittmann / rrygular
02. lohn & brot / efdemin / liebe detail
03. i can take it / theo parrish / sound signature
04. transistor slugs / soulphiction / sonar kollektiv
05. m4 / maurizio / maurizio
06. above the skyline / mr james barth & alexi delano / svek
07. my answer / charley’s vault / twilight
08. soul in a bottle / jay haze feat. big bully & sven vt / kindisch
09. lycra (wishmountain’s tight fit) / alter ego / harthouse
10. ritual (stefan tretau remix) / freund der familie / broque
11. touch / pig & dan / cocoon recordings
12. black 1 ltd / danilo vgorito / white label


i simply put together some tracks that i like right now. the order is somewhat pretty random, although i usually keep my sets in different parts. the "wild" part in this set is between track 3 and 8. the end is alot calmer than the middle, so is the beginning aswell. it's the technique of dj:ing i use right now. it's pretty hard for me recording a set, but it had to be done! i love to dj live, with a crowd and a mixer with two cd-players, but this is alright aswell. hope you enjoy it!

tracklist :: my best friend's set

01. alex smoke - never want to see you again (slam remix)
02. barem - looks
03. rekorder - 7.1
04. exercise one - debaya (daniel stefanik remix)
05. alexi delano & xpansul - bubble in a vacuum
06. marc houle - bay of figs
07. dustin zahn - the need for faith
08. friendly people - 99.9
09. grindvik - monuments
10. paul ritch - samba
11. marcel knopf - narain (dapayk remix)
12. agnès - underwater controverse
13. extrawelt - 8000
14. tadeo - aceite
15. gabriel ananda - doppelwhipper (live)


when i play out, i tend to play to the floor and the tracks i select are generally based on the party vibe. when i'm putting together a mix like this, though, the process is totally different. i throw all sorts of stuff into the mix, because i'm fairly eclectic in my listening habits, and 75 minutes of one kind of vibe just won't make it on my iPod. the mix has to go somewhere, a lot of places actually, and it has to keep hold of my extremely poor attention span. this is the 4th volume in a series of ADD-friendly mixes (deckless wonder vol 1 – 3 are on, but this one has more of the tracks i'd play at a party, mainly because i've got breakfast of champions on the brain right now. some of the tracks are new, some are old, some are cheeky, some are cheesy, some are funky, some are techy, there's a bit of hip hop, a bit of rock, and a lot of farty basslines.

tracklist :: 8ball's set

01. nelly furtado / maneater / crookers rmx
02. fedde le grande / put your hands up for detroit / claude von stroke packard plant rmx
03. mekons / yes yes y'all feat. roxanne shante / glimmer's house arrest rmx
04. disco darlings / sweetness / dub
05. daftphunk / right there / original mix
06. jamie lidell / when i come back around / freeform reform rmx
07. thrustin' trousersnake / sexyback / fnd lalaland radio rmx
08. kid alex / loverboy / les visiteurs rmx
09. scandal inc. / that's a good look / original mix
10. 1gnition / planet 69 / williams rmx
11. plump djs / electric disco / d. ramirez rmx
12. david penn, dj chus, soulground / we play house / david vendetta rmx
13. missy elliot / bring the pain / stanton warriors rmx
14. mark knight, richard dinsdale / crunch / original mix
15. huntemann / sweet sensation
16. playgroup / make it happen / zongamin remix 2
17. spank rock / bump / pink skull rmx
18. the tricknologist / freak frequency / house rmx
19. mstrkrft / she's good for business
20. who made who / satisfaction
21. gods of blitz / greetings from flashbackville / who made who rmx
22. krafty kuts, tim deluxe / bass phenomenon
23. finger lickin' allstars / 2 da break
24. krafty kuts / bring back the funk
25. the ragga twins / everybody hype feat. aquasky, dj go mixologists / original mix
26. dada life / big time / linus love rmx
27. the knife / pass this on / dahlback & dahlb rmx
28. panthers / thank me with your hands / mstrkrft rmx
29. paul woolford / erotic discourse / audiojack rmx
30. bjork / hyperballad / lfo's disco sync rmx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thak you very much for these mixes.HappY NeW Year

5:59 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi Modifyer, Thanks!
Great Site.

Here's wishing you and the family all the best for 2007!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

modifyer you are the man ! I'm a great fan of electro !So I like your music taste, too bad the last mixes are 1 file, liked it better before, all files in 1 zip file.
Keep up the good work !

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh, woman :p

5:22 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

thanks, y'all. and as far as the files go: don't worry. they will continue to be zipped, just not with the mixes...hope this is not an inconvenience...xoxo

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Mody! :)
I'll listen to the other two later.

Regards - MBF

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that one anonymous was stoopid. ;p

10:10 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

come now. let's be nice...

4:55 PM  
Blogger Jason King said...

I love the Deckless Wonder mixes. Can't wait to check this out.

1:40 PM  

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