Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Our concept behind this piece is that no matter what you do, people will always have different opinions and different ideas behind what is right or wrong. We have been working as a duo now for 3 years. Many times we will get to the point in our creative process, where a track can go in one of two directions. Generally it'll be that one of us feels the sound should be developed in one way and the other feels that it should go in the opposite direction. When working as a duo you need to make a decision that first of all makes both of you happy and second of all it should be a compromise often involving variations from both of our original goals and ideas.

The way we set about working towards a final piece here was that we decided to contribute a track, rather than a dj or live set. After deciding on this, we went to work on a set of loops for the track. We had a nice set of loops built that we both
liked and felt would be suitable for the project, it wasn't until that point, that we realised we could give the project a twist. We thought rather than build one piece of music, why don't we make two tracks based around the same collection of sounds.

So, instead of one track, we decided to give away two tracks built from the exact same sounds. The arrangement of the loops and tracks are completely different to one another,and we feel they represent two sides to the same story. As they have been built with the same sound sources there is a definite connection between the two pieces of music, but at the same time, the two results couldn't be more different from one another. Again, this is comes down to how decisions were made on one track and not the other in both situations.

Creatively we tend to work quite intuitively, allowing us both to put ideas forward for discussion. Sometimes these ideas will stay exactly the same from the start of the creative process to the end, and other times, the first idea may morph several times to the end result. This doesn't mean that the original idea was wrong, it may just mean that it didn't fit what we were wanting to create at that moment in time. Music can be based around how you feel at the time that you make it, your mood can really affect how your end result sounds.

The place where we live also has a lot to do with how we design our sounds. Living in an industrial city like Manchester has really influenced both of us, from the soundtrack in the clubs to the busy city life with millions of natural and manmade sounds around all the time definitely has affected our mindset. This is quite different from living in the countryside where maybe 90% of the sounds are natural and generally more peaceful.

So, one story can have two completely different versions, depending on who tells it, what they perceive to be the right or wrong way of doing something, the situation, the location and of
course the people involved.

Many Thanks to Rayna for asking us to contribute to Modyfier, we have both really enjoyed the whole process. It certainly made us sit back and actually think about some of the reasons, why we make music and what contributes towards our everyday surroundings and influences.

AnD - process part 232a by modyfier

AnD - process part 232b by modyfier


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