Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This mix was quickly cobbled together in Ableton without a controller. It's a mixture of old favourites of mine as well as recently discovered things. It has it's imperfections and the track choice is stylistically 'diverse', to say the least. This was due to a concerted effort to have a rather stunted flow in order to present the pieces of music in unfamiliar contexts, and create shifts in mood and texture that otherwise cannot occur in regular DJ sets.

This is material I normally wouldn't get a chance to play in a club, but is hopefully a good representation of the spirit and thirst for new sounds that I aspire towards as a producer.

Thanks goes out to Rayna for the chance to contribute to the Process Series.

smear - process part 231 by modyfier

01. He Said Omala - Sea Horse Trading

02. Brian Eno - Draw One Animal
03. Lil Louis - God Is Watching
04. Ike Yard - NCR

05. Max 404 - Lost

06. Notek - Country Break

07. Bruce Gilbert - You Might Be Called
08. Kareem - Ciclop

09. Chris & Cosey - This Is Me

10. Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation
11. Farah - Law Of Life

12. Vromb - Animation

13. Andrea Parker - Empty Words

14. Squadra Blanco - The City Shall Burn


Blogger brian said...

very very interesting mix... yeah, i'm not sure what else to say. thanks for sharing!

3:05 PM  
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