Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a collection of tracks I picked out of my box that I have never recorded in a mix before, except for ‘Got to Get You Back’ which, personally, seemed the perfect start to this mix. I’ve always had the idea to use it as an opening track, and at the time I made this recording, I had just split up with my girl and Kym Mazelle's lyrics well described the situation.

‘Muzik’ is one of those tracks I bought about 15 years after it originally got pressed on vinyl. I remember being about twelve and getting in touch with American Rap and what we considered to be NY Oldschool, Hardcore and Punk. It's funny, I would’ve never thought that at some point I'd end up with a 4/4 record collection.

'Breath Control' is Danilo Plessow’s first pure House vinyl he has ever put out (if I am not mistaken). Of course, he’d made some House tracks before but I think this was the first time he completely concentrated on making a House record. We started our label, Four Roses, together with another mate in 2006, but unfortunately it all got stuck due to other projects and personal commitments. I am just right now sitting here and making plans for something new to appear later this year.

I discovered Keith Tucker's, 'It's A Mood', at Hardwax where I meet up with my friend, Finn Johannsen, from time to time. I pulled the copy from a box without knowing it was the last one in stock. I had a listen, considered it to be good and then handed it over to Finn for listening. We both were eager to take the record home so in the end I had to convince him to leave it to me this time as I had been so stupid to leave an excellent DJ Sneak record to him some months earlier (what I obviously regret nowadays).

Bernard Badie’s 'Motivation', is also a discovery I made on one of our common record shopping sessions somewhere in Berlin.

Dance Mania have put out so many releases and having missed most of them at the time, I have just now started to become acquainted with the label. Also, recently I found a nice recording of a mysterious and anonymous DJ gig recorded during Love Parade 1996 that almost sounds like a 'Best of Dance Mania' set. I've really been enjoying a lot of what they have been doing and 'Mental Kombat' is one of those tracks.

'Dance Dance' is a record I was recommended once by Mitch, the owner of Melting Point record store in Berlin. Besides selling records, he is a passionate football enthusiast and I’ve spent quite some time talking about players and teams. You should know that he personally despises my favorite team so it has always been big fun talking so far.

'Mary Mary' is missing the usual patterns of House music, working without any of the well known drum machine sounds or chords, but there are some rough Aretha Franklin samples. It’s different and somehow a bit crazy and therefore, I think, of great value.

Ben Klock uses an amazing slamming bass drum on his remix for Jason Fine that I consider to be his Panorama Bar trademark kick. In listening, you should make a mental picture of how the drums should sound on a proper system. Also, an excellent Oni Ayhun mix features on side B.

'Mortal Trance' is one out of a series of great re-releases on Rush Hour recently and a record that absolutely has stood the test of time.

It's the same with G.Flame & Mr.G’s 'Pulsez'. Moods & Grooves indeed have put out a few goodies that are worth checking like Anthony Shakir’s Da Sampla project. Great record and also one of my late discoveries.

Finally, 'Letters From the Edge, is a lo-fi statement and a raw musical trip with a sudden ending.

mujaba - process part 222 by modyfier

01. Kym Mazelle - Got To Get You Back (Amazella Mix) - Syncopate
02. DJ Pierre - Muzik (The Siren Mix) - Strictly Rhythm

03. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Breath Control - Four Roses

04. Keith Tucker - It's A Mood - Seventh Sign

05. Bernard Badie - Motivation - Distance

06. Sneaky Tim - Mental Kombat - Dance Mania

07. Danell Dixon - Dance Dance (DJ Pierre's Wild Pitch Mix) - Nite Grooves

08. Grand High Priest - Mary Mary - We Ze Records

09. Jason Fine - Many To Many (Ben Klock Remix) - Kontra Musik

10. Boo Williams - Mortal Trance - Rush Hour

11. G.Flame & Mr.G - Pulsez - Moods & Grooves

12. Hieroglyphic Being - Letters From The Edge - Mathematics


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