Friday, June 25, 2010


This mix was made with all of my own unreleased tracks under the DJ Spider & Spider Bites monikers. Some of these tracks are scheduled to be out this year and there are a few that might never come out, but they were just sitting in my library of personal cuts. I never plan to release everything that I create, because some music is far to personal & I don't think it needs to be heard by just anyone. Also, I create many genres of music, so not all of my music interests the average person. That comes from being a live musician and jamming with people, creating music & never even recording all of those sessions. Not every audible sound has or will ever be recorded; the gift of hearing should never be taken for granted.

With that said, I would like to elaborate briefly on the mix itself. Unfortunately, I had to mix this all from CDRs. I almost always play 85-90% of music on vinyl, but in times like this when the tracks haven't gotten to that stage yet, I just play them on a CDR from two separate CDJs, through a mixer & straight into my studio setup. No computer bullshit here! I'm not a fan of using computers to mix dance music, specifically.

I knew going into this mix that I was going to play all of my unreleased tracks, so all I had to do was start digging around my library of beats. To me this would be something different for both myself & the listeners of this blog. I don't normally hear mixes of all one artist, so I took this opportunity to showcase some of my unreleased material to you. I only picked tracks that I felt would work together as I do live & just went at it. I'm not one to plan ahead as the universe is always in motion & one thing that I might think is perfect at one moment might not be so great the next moment, so I believe everything has its place in time, thus so the spontaneous feel is accomplished in the end. This is the same for me in the club. I never predetermine what exactly I play, I just pack records that I think will fit what I'm trying to push at that set moment.

There is one remix on here of one of my older tracks that is scheduled for release later this year & was remixed by DJ Aakmael. It will be out on vinyl in the coming months on my label Plan B Recordings. I had to drop it in here for you all to get a taste of what is coming out on Plan B Recordings!

I normally layer my Spider Bites works over beats when playing live, but I thought I would rather start & end my mix off with these pieces, so that they can speak for themselves. The same goes for the other tracks. I just blended everything one after the other with no doubling or tripling over the top of any track, so to let each track breathe.

Lastly, I would like to mention that my titles represent moments of my life & my beliefs & interests at the time of creation. I've had to explain to people over the years why I have such far out titles & I just tell them to Google it & learn something. All of my tracks are conceptually built & they sometimes are a warning to the listener as well as sometimes they can just speak about esoteric arcane subjects that I am into. I also have images to all of my tracks which one day I'll have the money to be able to put together the proper packaging with all of the images to help present the story a little bit better. I create what comes naturally to me & I do it honestly & seriously, every day of the week.

Thank you all for listening & feel free to write to me at: Feel free to browse some of my other work at the following: Dj Spider, Spider Bites and Plan B Recordings here or here.

All music was written, produced & mixed by spider @ Web Lab Studios / NYC

dj spider - process part 216 (unreleased works from the deep) by modyfier

01. Spider Bites - Alpha & Omega (UNRELEASED)
02. DJ Spider - Toxic Trace/Spider's Purified Mix (UNRELEASED)
03. DJ Spider - Chem Trails (UNRELEASED)
04. DJ Spider - Jungle Juice (UNRELEASED)
05. DJ Spider - Tribal Mechanism (UNRELEASED)
06. DJ Spider (DJ Aakmael Remix) - The Empty Tomb (UNRELEASED)
07. DJ Spider - Debt = Slavery (UNRELEASED)
08. DJ Spider - Antikythera Mechanism Part 2 (UNRELEASED)
09. DJ Spider - Beyond Vision (UNRELEASED)
10. DJ Spider - Toxic Trace/Spider's Toxic Tonic Mix (UNRELEASED)
11. DJ Spider - Subteranean Chambers (UNRELEASED)
12. Spider Bites - Swirling Within A Dark Cloud (UNRELEASED)


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