Monday, June 14, 2010



The sound of echoes late at night somewhere in the world rattles the paper off the walls. Music you ask? I can’t be sure to be honest. The sound is the inspiration in itself though. The sound is what makes us beat our brains to create and re-create and re-formulate the cut to make even more sound. Dub has inspired almost everything in my life and every form of music that exits my brain. The music creates itself somewhere else on some other plane. The beings come down to twist arms and move fingers and then the sound is finished….or as finished as it can be. Working with Isaac on this project has been a pleasure and a privilege. He's one of the real people. I don't use that term lightly anymore. Working with his voice made the music what it is. There wouldn't be one without the other. Cosmic dub delight! The message is in there...between the echoes and inside the electricity. The deep booming bass and textured lost piano melodies create the mood. Some lost city on some forgotten planet is where the newest details can be found. The sound is the feeling and vice versa. This is all we have. This is what I know. Thank god for the King, without whom we may be lost.

dubloner & isaac haile selassie - process part 213 (the fight the spirit (kush arora remix)) by modyfier

For more information, visit de'fchild productions.


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