Friday, June 11, 2010



When I started this mix, it was raining all day. Personally, rain puts me in a very creative mood musically. The grey sky and constant flow of water invokes a very atmospheric picture. When I begin my sets, I never preselect songs, but rather attempt to choose tracks that will allow me to create the picture I'm searching for. Some of the tracks in this mix are unreleased and some are on wax. It’s on the deep side of things. Not dark, but rather grey. I hope you enjoy.

joey anderson - process part 212 by modyfier

01. Spider Bites – Rust – Plan B Recordings
02. DJ Qu – Secret Place (Joey Anderson Remix) – Stength Music
03. Joey Anderson – In My Life – Unreleased

04. DJ Qu – Step Back Up – Unreleased
05. Ryo Murakami – Lunch of God (Scott Ferguson Remix) - Quintessentials
06. Rise – Joey Anderson – Unreleased
07. Johnwaynes – Entrudo – Mule Musiq

08. DJ Qu – Circuit – Strength Music

09. –

10. Joey Anderson – Scattered Keys – Unreleased
11. Keith Worthy – Now That’s House (K-Dub’s History of House Mix) – Aesthetic Audio
12. DJ Qu – Tunnel Visions – Strength Music

13. Spider Bites – Hell Dust – Plan B Recordings


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