Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Why start a record label? Why now? In a climate of two-a-penny digital labels, unauthorized downloads and abundant Ableton DJs, it seems like a strange decision to make - a strange decision perhaps, with an inevitable outcome. The digital revolution has helped and hindered the music industry in equal measure; the current playing field vastly differs from the way it once was, models have shifted and times have changed.

Klasse Recordings was founded in reaction to the changing surroundings. We wanted to carve out a place for ourselves, where we had the freedom of choice regarding output, without worrying about the outside world. The sheer volume of new, digital dance music can be dizzying and at first glance, it might seem counter-productive to add to this ever growing mass. Nevertheless, the label considers music as the most important part of the whole "industry process". It is about creating a home for like-minded friends, a reclusive den if you will, in which we can immerse ourselves and simply create. Klasse is about returning to the music by treating it as art.

Waiting somewhere within, but not constricted by the boundaries of House and Techno, Klasse's musical output draws on many themes and ideas and is influenced heavily by travel, movement and the relationship between man and machine. Klasse's primary releases are about getting back to basics, making simple yet innovative club music for underground dancefloors and exploring what can be achieved through collaborations between musicians, producers and artists.

Our mix showcases samples from the first release, as well as some unreleased and unofficial material by Klasse artists. The rest of the selection was not about the newest and most exclusive titles, but rather a collection of tracks that we love very much, ones that we will always return too. Making a mix for home listening is always an interesting task and we have aimed for a flow that is somewhere in-between the intensity of the dancefloor and the attention that can be given whilst traveling and listening.

We very much hope you like it.

luca lozano & sacha robotti - process part 210 (klasse recordings) by modyfier

01. Intro

02. Martin Buttrich - Enough Love To Hate It - Desolat
03. Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix) - Peppermint Jam

04. Kiki - Good Voodoo (Visionquest Remix) - Bpitch Control

05. Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love) (Luca Lozano Unofficial Remix) - CDR

06. Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti - Bartok (Siopis Remix) - Klasse Recordings

07. The Royal We, Hector, Shaun Reeves, Seth Troxler - Party Guilt (Acapella) - Crosstown Rebels

08. Stimming - Melodica - Green

09. Sacha Robotti & Hofhauser - Das FF - Takt Records

10. David Keno & Jaxson - Living Large - Yellow Tail

11. Hector Couto - Serio - Anabatic

12. Markus Fix - Research - Cecille

13. Christian Burkhardt - Doubledub - Raum...Musik.

14. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner - Down - Dekandent Schallplatten

15. Radiohead - Nude (Justin Martin Remix) - Buzzin Fly

16. Bearweasel - Superhero (Boris Werner Remix) - Supernature

17. H.O.S.H. - Funk King (feat. Markus Homm) - Diynamic

18. Hoste - Bumps - Klasse Recordings

19. Sebbo - Elephanze Ce Danze - Souvenir Plus

20. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams - R&S Recordings

21. Marco Carola - Bloody Cash - Plus 8

22. Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti - Bartok - Klasse Recordings


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