Friday, May 28, 2010


I recorded this mix with a tremendous hangover on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t remember the party where I was the day before, but I was somehow in a special mood. I used two Technics SL-1210Mk2´s, an Allen and Heath Xone 32, and some fucked up scratchy needles (you will hear). Some parts of the mix I planned and others not. It’s semi-improvisational.

The first song I played is from Miles Davis. It’s an old record from my father’s collection. It’s not rare, but since my childhood, I liked to listen to this record. Then I come over with the dinosaurs from Kraftwerk.
Everybody knows 'Die Roboter'. I used this track to start slow to make way for the other slow records that come later, after I play some current slow house hits.

I think for either a podcast or playing at a bar, this music is the right thing. The record from Space Dimension Controller is special for me. I found it at Hardwax in Berlin. I was hit by the colours on the cover so I gave her a try and boom! There's some really great shit that’s coming up to us from SDC. The last one is from a band called Dominique. I got this from my favorite record store: Smallville Records. The whole album is so beautiful.

I hope you all will enjoy listening.

christopher rau - process part 209 (the level mix) by modyfier


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