Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In this jaunt, I decided to start off ambient because I made this mix in the morning (and I don't like listening to intensity in the morning). However, as I woke up during the process of mixing, my neurons started connecting again. So I ended it with dubby beats. This is for those slow mornings, where the dog is staring at you, the newspaper has nothing really shocking in it, the cell phone is out of batteries, the computer is off and for a few minutes you are in a moment of meditation of sorts. This train of thought reminds me of a line of spoken word I heard in the N. Sotomayor song Dreaming I. "We are all individual, as individual as the anxiety that kills us.” Turn it all off if it’s on. Our natural state isn't attached to a cell phone or staring at a computer screen. And at our core we know it, which makes moments of stillness so amazing. I don't know about you but I treasure the organic.

I named this Mangolian mix because I finished a mango as I mastered it. It was simply tasty.

taban hayes - process part 207 (mangolian mix) by modyfier

Intro: YMO - Snakeman Show KDD (My Company is Called)

01. James Murray - Eleven (Decades Mix)

02. Triola - Schildergasse

03. Mooma - Herd Forming
04. Green Empathy - Walk the talk
05. Sarah Corbe - Lichtreise - Original Mix
06. Taban Hayes - Chutney (unreleased)
07. Reaganz - Freerotation

08. Rocket Empire - Simmer Down Jammie

09. Blaze Dem - Dubness of Creation

10. Federico Aubele - El Amor de Esta Pueblo - Original Mix

11. Mother Nature - Night Call - Original Mix

12. Tosca - Everyday and Everynight


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the mix. The intro is actually from the Yellow Magic Orchestra's Multiples Ep.

4:09 AM  
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