Friday, January 22, 2010



Rayna asked why, not how I make things. Right now, I try not to take care of where things are going. I try to make only tracks that come from deep inside without thinking about, "will it sell?" or "does it work in the club?" It’s actually pretty hard not to think about these things when you´re making music for a living. But four weeks ago, my life came to a point when I felt "radical" enough to do exactly that. After breaking off a relationship and having a pretty successful 2009 (as an artist) I felt it was time to get away from that 7min tech house club tune. So I made a series of tracks that don't fit in a drawer. The only rule I had was to be fast - the making process shouldn’t be longer then 8hours. In general, I like to do things fast, but I can’t always predict how long things last. For Funkworm I needed 1.5 days but for a new remix for Robert Babicz, I needed about 3 weeks.

However, as it is very important for me to put personal emotion into tracks, and as this emotion changes from day to day (of course), I wanted to be fast this time, to keep this project like a documentary.

So, the track you will hear is called Jansec2010. Imagine me sitting in the studio, still having a massive hangover from NYE…still being intoxicated and also frightened about something I did on the first day of 2010. I can't tell you what it was, but it went over a limit for me (no worries, no one was hurt physically). So, on the second day of 2010, I was still shocked and angry and I knew when I put that feeling into music, which is mainly energy for me, I would be able to get over it. And this is what happened. I often do music in a way of giving therapy to myself, which helps me a lot not to forget the middle of myself. I’d already made eight other track like this, or at least in a way that is different from the productions I've done before. Maybe I’ll make a short album out of it or maybe I won't…? I still want to work that way for another couple of weeks and when I feel I´m finished, I’ll start to think about what I want to do with it.

So, enjoy this track and I recommend to put your subwoofer on or at least listen with good headphones...those little notebook speakers kill music! :)

stimming - process part 185 (jansec2010) by modyfier


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This is Awesome. Keep on doing this stuff man :)

5:18 AM  
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