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Nearly one year ago we started with our first EP on Prologue and it was really aN unbelievable year for us. We were announced as Label of the Month on Resident Advisor, we got one "Release of the Month" on Germany's biggest electronic music mag "Raveline", we were in a list of Phillip Sherburne's important releases in 2009 with one EP and we will have our first bigger Label Night in Berghain Berlin in January 2010. What time could be better than now to do a Prologue Label Showcase for Modyfier?

I tried to use as many Prologue releases, Prologue artist tracks and friends as possible in our showcase mix. You will hear nearly all of the Prologue artists like Cio D´Or, Giorgio Gigli, Samuli Kemppi, Juho Kahilainen and Claudio PRC. Claudio's track in this mix is as-of-yet unreleased and will be unleashed in early 2010.

We hope 2010 will be a succesfull year for Techno music and Prologue again. At least our list of our upcoming releases looks promising. We would like to say thank you to all of you for your support and we hope you will enjoy our label podcast and music. Peace.

tom bonaty - process part 182 (prologue showcase) by modyfier

01. Cio D´Or - Tränensalz - Prologue

02. JPLS - Reset - M_nus

03. Iori - Magnetic - Prologue

04. Valmay - Distrust - Blueprint

05. Samuli Kemppi - Joiku - Prologue

06. Alex Bau - Repaints (Gary Beck Remix) - Credo

07. Samuli Kemmpi - Metal Space - Komisch

08. C-Rock, Stardub - The Source (Reboot Remix) - LoFi Stereo

09. Deadbeat / Fenin - Teach The Devil's Son - Echocord Colour

10. Horizontal Ground - 2.1 - Horizontal Ground

11. speedy j - bootes - Electric Deluxe

12. Nick Dawson - Extend 8.2 - Plexo Solar

13. Function - Disaffected (Normen Nodger Mix) Sandwell District

14. Giorgio Gigli - Introspection - Prologue

15. Nax Acid & Giorgio Gigli - Depth Perception - Aconito Records

16. Giorgio Gigli - The Soul Trap (Edit) - Aconito Records

17. Giorgio Gigli - Spazio - Prologue

18. Samuli Kemppi - No one can hear your echo in space - Prologue

19. Claudio Prc - Empty Circle - Prologue (upcoming)

20. Juho Kahilainen - Kuolunkelot - Prologue


Blogger petesrdic said...

Tom, I think it is guaranteed to be another fantastic year for Prologue and its artists with the quality of the releases to date.
This mix is a superb showcase for Prologue.
So nice to start with some Cio ambient too : )
Thanks for sharing it with us !
(Speaking of Cio - Die Faser - one of the top five releases for the year. Top three even. Stunning).

5:56 PM  
Blogger Matthew Jones said...

Great mix Tom, good to hear some new stuff- sounds like 2010 will be another good year for Prologue!

2:57 PM  
Blogger brian said...

very nice mix. i'm actually in the middle of buying some of those giorgio gigli records. cheers to prologue!

1:00 AM  
Blogger Prologue said...

Thnaks Guys... Its a big pleasures for us to have a audience like you all togheter.... Lets go forward to 2010 :-)Tom

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Ghospattern313 said...

Cheers! The tracks hit me on so many levels. The Iori release sends shivers down my spine every time I play it.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous PARTYSAN said...

Nice.Nice.VeryNice. Wie wärs mal mit nem Feature im PARTYSAN?

11:31 AM  
Blogger Ivymelda said...

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