Monday, January 04, 2010


Spontaneous, as are all my favorite mixes, I had to arrive at the the point of forgetting that I had to make a mix for this site, in order to have a satisfying free-jam, which resulted in the mix below.

I went through many different ideas and mixes over the last eight months (!) before realizing that this was the one I would submit. I found myself tending toward conceptual ideas, and had many a listening session. Originally, I intended to send in those sessions as well, in order to show the actual process behind a rather obsessive-compulsive mind.

In the end, however, I just put on a record that I wanted to listen to, without a plan of making a mix at all. I realized how much I love that first record. I stopped it, set the needle back to the beginning, pressed record and listened to it almost all the way through while finding the next one. And so it went. No organization, plan or style, no pressure...just a bit of fun and some records that I like.

I hope you enjoy it.

rebekah aff - process part 181 by modyfier

01. Unknown - Untitled - Wax1001

02. Cassy - A Plea For Me - Cocoon Recordings

03. Steve O'Sullivan - Touch Up - Sushitech
04. Chaton - +91 Ahead 2 (Ripperton's Los Barrios Mix) - Plak
05. Horsepower Productions - Let's Dance (Club Mix) - Tempa

06. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot (Sebo K Version 2) - liebe*detail spezial

07. Spencer Parker - My Heart - Rekids

08. Unknown - Untitled - Frozen Border 04
09. Delano Smith - This Heart - Mixmode Recordings


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