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We were really flattered when we got the invite to do something for Modyfier, alongside all these other great artists who have contributed. At first, we thought about painting a picture or cooking one of our wicked toast/egg creations. But, after a while of thinking, we decided to do the thing we can do best: doin' music. To be exact, doin' a proper dj mix for all the Modyfiers out there. We're always on a mission to guarantee a good party, so the aim of this dj mix is to make you dance...when you're at home, at your moms house, on the streets and so on. So you won't hear a Chill out, 80ies-Classics or eclectic Rock-meets-house-meets-rap-meets-everything mixtape, as this ain't Dualton. But you will hear a groovy uplifting set of finest house music, like the ones we are doin' in the clubs right now.

To describe the mix: At the moment we're really into deep groovy house music, often garnished with analog instruments and vocals (without being cheesy). So we go on with new tracks of masterminds like Luciano, Mendo, Damian Schwartz alongisde newcomers like Roger Gerressen, Yvan & Tristan and ourselves. The mix starts off very energetic and uplifting, goes deep in the middle to collect some new energy, and comes back like a hurricane with joints of Radio Slave and Steve Lawler. At the end, it features one of our new releases on VIVa MUSiC which is called "Shanti". What else to say?…uhh…the mix is quite an hour long and we hope you enjoy listening as much we enjoyed doin' it.

If you want to check out what we have produced in the past, just check our releases on imprints like Steve Lawler's
VIVa MUSiC, Vivid Recordings from Berlin and of course our older stuff on Rompecabeza and Bedrock. We always appreciate feedback dealin' with our work, so if you like our stuff and if you like this mix here, just drop us a line.

Nuff talkin', enjoy!

dualton - process part 169 by modyfier

01. Luciano - Los Ninos De Fuera

02. Yvel & Tristan - Candela

03. Mendo - Everybody I Got Him (2009 Mix)

04. Roger Gerressen - No School Like The Old School

05. Frankie Flowerz - It's Funk, It's House (Damian Schwartz Remix)

06. Leon - Puertorican Etno

07. Seth Troxler - Panic, Stop … Repeat! (Paco Osuna Remix)

08. Radio Slave - Koma Koma (Steve Lawler Remix)

09. Dualton - Shanti (Dub)

10. River Ocean feat. India - Love & Happiness (Michel Cleis Remix)


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