Monday, October 12, 2009


The idea for this mix came about during a car ride around San Francisco, with none other than humble London producer, author and university professor Steve Goodman. Known as Kode9 by many, Mr. Goodman is the proprietor of Hyperdub, a label known in part for leading the charge into the now-established world of dubstep.

As we drove around town looking for a location to shoot this episode of XLR8R TV, the conversation turned to Hyperdub artist Cooly G, and the mutation of UK garage into what has come to be known as "UK funky", or simply "funky". Cooly G's brand of funky seems to break the rules, veering away from 4/4 kicks and predictable structures, and according to Kode9, she herself didn't feel like any sort of label really fit what she was doing.

Looking into the matter more closely, it became apparent that there are a host of musicians from the UK and the US that are considered dancefloor producers, but their tunes push the boundaries of what most club-minded individuals would consider danceable. Back in the day, we'd call this style of music or DJing "leftfield." Mixing influences and ideas with minimal regard for the rigid constructs of mainstream genre definitions, leftfield DJ sets would often be danceable, just not predictable.

So enter The New Leftfield, a collection of producers that pull inspiration from dubstep, funky (or even funkstep?), wonky, techno, garage, you name it. Here's my selection of these outlier tracks and producers that challenge me to follow the rhythm and move me towards the dancefloor.

professor smith - process part 166 (the new leftfield) by modyfier

01. Dorian Concept "When Planets Explode" Nod Navigators
02. Kode9 "2 Far Gone" Hyperdub
03. Floating Points "J & W Beat" Planet Mu
04. Hot City "Head Work (Eats Tapes Mix)" Highpoint Lowlife
05. Cooly G "Dis Boy Pt. 4" Dub Organizer
06. Fuzzy Logik "Twiss" HP
07. Dark Knight "Broken Beats" Urban Ridims
08. King Midas Sound "Lost (Flying Lotus Remix)" Hyperdub
09. FaltyDL "Tronman" Planet Mu
10. Joy Orbison "Wet Look" Hotflush
11. Mount Kimbie "Sketch On Glass (Original Mix)" Hotflush
12. Hudson Mohawke "Overnight" Warp
13. Boxcutter "A Familiar Sound" Planet Mu
14. Pangaea "Mosaix" Hotflush
15. Ike Release "Jenova" Infrasonics
16. Barry Lynn "Hayfever Dub" Planet Mu

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Blogger electricpaul said...

Hello Modyfiers! Included is a link to an animation I made inspired by your drawing for the PROFESSOR SMITH blog entry - hope you like it. I've still got the full rez version if someone would like to add some SOUND. Love your stuff, keep up the good work :)

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