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I am a self-confessed retired DJ. Even though I just came back from a gig at Tape(de), I think that over the last couple of years there has been a real shift in the way I consume and transmit music. The extent of dance-floor effectiveness I am looking for in records I buy (and release - on the label) has completely declined. The records I played in this mix have all been pivotal to my personal development much more than in my musical one. I contemplated (and attempted) to write down a quick run down of where and when each of these tracks touched me, but decided to leave the personal meta-data out. There is something translucent about these records when played in private.

nitzan - process part 164 by modyfier

01. Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion - BNE

02. Kelley Polar - Vocalize (From Here to Polarity) - Environ

03. The Neon Judgement - The Fashion Party - BNE

04. Lawrence - Swap - Dial

05. Takamou - Takamous - 311

06. Krust - Excuses - Talking Loud

07. Sonja Moonear - 99 Erika - Katapult

08. Akufen - Deck The House - Force Tracks

I have put together this mix to mark MVSICA, for a new 100 copies cd release (special art by SawDust). A compilation that is mostly about where I am coming from personally and where I'm going to, musically. Please send an email to with "I am interested in mvsica CD" in the subject line if you would like to receive one.


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