Friday, September 11, 2009

EAVESDROPPER (yves de mey)

My initial idea for this mix was to go back into a personal history of music that encouraged me to do what I do now (music that makes me envious in a positive way, music I wish had been composed by me). After a while, I thought this approach was too narrow and, after all, all the beautiful music I'm surrounded by is inspiring and motivating.

While selecting and deselecting tracks for this mix two things really struck me. First, the majority of the featured artists are people I've met, adding extra value to the perception and appreciation of their music.

The other thing that popped up was the spectral leitmotiv of the selection. All tracks are compatible (at least to my ears), frequencies seamlessly interweave or make room for one another. One piece allows the next one to be there.

It's unavoidable then to arrive at an emotional level when listening to that music. Or stronger yet: living that music, inhaling it.

Every single track in this mix is, in one way or another, linked to an event I simply can't and don't want to forget. Lost love, company and friendship, spine tingling nights out, laughter, birth and death, moments of inspiration and desperation, simple melancholy and complicated visions of what's next.

I guess without this music (or music in general), things wouldn't be the same. I hope I never have to find out how different that would be.

eavesdropper (yves de mey) - process part 161 by modyfier

01. Spectral: Joyce Hinterding

02. Sunrise In The Turbine Hall: Peter Wright
03. Frenzy of the absolute: Fear Falls Burning
04. Vogler: Oren Ambarchi

05. Visible: Kangding Ray
06. 2: SND

07. Over And Under: Ellen Fullman

08. Vor: Andrew Pekler

09. 1978 Roland 100M: Benge

10. My Love I Love: Bogdan Raczynski

11. Omajosafir: Pierre Bastien

12. Winter Couplet: Steve Roden

13. Until we meet again - track 2: Tetuzi Akiyama & Jason Kahn

14. Sand Dunes: Tape

15. Universaali totuus: ES

16. Loomer: My Bloody Valentine

17. Zauberberg V: Gas
18. Smile: Rhythm & Sound w/ Savage

19. See You Around: Margaret Dygas

20. Concret PH: Iannis Xenakis

21. Headphonics 1/0: Ryoji Ikeda

22. 34:35:00: Lokai

23. Kilvo: Radian

24. TAZMX: Autechre
25. Moottori: Pan Sonic

26. Light-Pipe: Signal

27. Specification.Fifteen: Richard Chartier + Taylor Deupree


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