Tuesday, September 01, 2009


With sunshine finally coming to France at the beginning of the summer, I tried to join feelings that take me far from reality with this mix (as the sun always does for me). I like to think that this mix is brimming with warmth and sweetness, and that it can be heard by any kind of music lover. I really had a great time recording this session where almost all of my preferred artists feature in. I think you can listen to it either comfortably in your living room or on a dancefloor, depending on the volume, which is absolutely not what my neighbors think.

I recorded this session thinking about you, from the heart of Paris. This is where my flat is and music takes up most of the space. It is mainly always a particular tune or an image that structures the curve of my mixes. For this one, deep is the main element. I focused on the joy and pleasure that the tracks provide me with. I started with a large selection and whittled them down to ten tracks that are arranged in a precise order. Finally, randomness and improvisation sand it smooth! Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it.

denis bobbit - process part 159 by modyfier

01. Knowing innocence - Sei A - Knowing Innocence

02. Armour (Move D remix)- Wireman - M7
03. Snore - Moodymanc - Snore (Vinyl)
04. The Rat - Lovebirds - Freerange Colour Series - White 06
05. Sliding away (johnny D Vocal mix) - 2020 Soundsystem
06. What is the time, Mr Templar ? - Jesper Dahlbäck
07. Rose Moutain - Adam Marshall - North At Night
08. The Kiss (Ripperton remix) - Stim - The Kiss Remixes
09. Pompadour (gorge dub mix) - chelonis r jones - pompadour
10. Shonen Jump - Vincenzo - Freerange Colour Series - White 06
11. T-Raenon (Version) - Photek - Photek - T-Raenon [OP 1]