Monday, August 17, 2009


Generally, we just set up our computer in the studio and record loads of different real instruments like Rhodes, drums, synthsizers and percussion. Then we turn the recorded jams into smaller loops and start to build a structure. Most of the time we record about three to four jams in one evening-session and only arrange the tracks very briefly. Then, maybe one week (or up to three months later), we rediscover the recorded jams, make a full arrangement and add some more instruments that we feel are needed.

For Modyfier, we wanted to show what this could be like by using our track, "Black Cartridge", as an example. The first part of this was generally a different track which was recorded on holiday on the beach in 2006. It was a very techy tune and done without any instruments. Just plain drumcomputers and samples. Later we recorded another track in Berlin with double bass player Stefan Schönegg. This was in the beginning of 2007. For this track we also recorded a lot of real drums and had a very jazzy tune in the end. Later, when we got back to our studio, we fused those two tracks together and suddenly had a jazzy track with a more techy style.

But something was still missing. So we didn't listen to the track for a while and after a tour in Japan (where we jammed with the trumpet player Shiba at a spontaneous acoustic Scott gig at Tokyo's Ruby Room) we asked Shiba to record a trumpet solo on this track. He sent us the files after one week and we cut out the parts of the solo which fitted to the track to keep it still simple but more melodic.

So finally, in summer 2008, the track was finished. It was recently released on a Russian compilation called "Salad Moscow" on Algorythmik Records. This example shows a little bit our working attitude (however, sometimes we also finish a track in one week). It always depends on our mood. Sometimes we just can't listen to a tune for a year and then we rediscover it and work on it again and sometimes we just instantly feel it and get it finished very fast.

Our studio consists of (extract):

Fender Rhodes
Sonor Force 3000 Drumset

Pearl Drumset

Korg Poly 800

MOOG Little Phatty

Clavia Nord Wave

Clavia Nord Electro

An old fucked up Piano

MAM TB 303

Loads of percussions


Casio Keyboard

Novation K-Station


Roland V-Drums

Korg Kaossilator
Various Boss Effects

Cry Baby Wah Wah

Motu Ultra Lite

scott - process part 157 (black cartridge) by modyfier


Anonymous paul frick said...

amazing creative process,
amazing tune of an amazing project!
(btw, i think it's AMAZING!!!)

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Le K said...

the guys are so smart!

6:58 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

super nice music and quite interesting process indeed. Really wonder how the first version sounded like.

2:43 AM  

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